glasses [6]

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Y/n's P.O.V

You: is this even necesarry father?.. My eyes aren't even that blurred

All might: non sense! Just wear it for today!.. I'll be taking pictures

I internally sighed as I nodded at him

You: just for today..


Day 3 of school
Time: 7:34 am
Destination: school
Reason: to make more friends for my last remaining brain cell

I wrote down on my notes while walking through the halls, which I kindly took my time on since I was 30 minutes early..

I leaned against the wall near my classroom, I just stood there as I wrote more notes..

People started noticing me.. Even taking pictures whenever they got a chance..
I even saw father in the corner of my eye taking a pic of me too..

I didn't really like wearing this glasses since it makes my head heavier and some of my vision was blocked cause of the frames..
I crossed my arms in frustration until yoayorozu waved at me to which I mimicked back

Momo: aren't you going inside Yagi~kun?

You: I guess I don't have anymore options.. People kept taking pictures of me.. People this days

I said as I adjusted my glasses to look at momo more
But wierdly enough, I just saw her face go from a pale snow to a pink cherry

You: are you sick?

I said putting my hands in my pockets

Momo: n-no! Let's just g-go to class! Ahhaa...

I shrugged as I followed her in..
Same like last time.. I got more stares...
Its unbelievable at this point cause people already know me... But still until now.. They still keep staring
What a pain


It was a vacant subject.. I just sat there as I was sketching on my notebook..
I would catch glances of people staring at me, but mostly the cactus head..
Without looking at him I said..

You: Do you want something from me Bakugo?, you were staring for quite a long time...

He flinches as he scoffs looking away

Bakugo: fucking bastard..

He said in a slightly soft tone, which was suspicious but I just shrugged it off, I don't care anyways

All might: YOUNG YAGI!!

The door slammed open as All might burst into it in his strong form..

Why do you always have to make a scene father?..

All might: Young Yagi! I need to take your photo! Do something attractive while you work!

My mouth gaped a little as I gave him the most monotone face I could muster up..
Really now? Now?

My other classmates were curious is too how I'm going to be doing it..
But not gonna lie.. My parents were attractive too, I guess they're genes rubbed off on me..

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