At my LiMiTs [9]

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Y/n's POV

You: I don't really see any gain for you when killing me...

I said coldly making him slightly shiver at my comment

??: not the type to get scared huh?.. I like you.. Perhaps do you want to become a villain?.. You already have the qualities of one

I summoned a fire sword and swinging it making a gash on his arm which was holding me up
I backed away, planting my feet on the ground to steady myself..

You: I'm flattered that you say I have the qualities.. But I have to decline it.. Cause I do not intend of becoming a villain

I said as I lifted the sword pointing at him

Aizawa: y/n!! Get your ass out of there!! I'll handle this!

Aizawa shouted as he slowly but surely made his way over to me while still fighting his way through

??: this is getting us nowhere... So then.. Let me bring out my last surprise..

I looked up seeing a large ball of mass coming towards me
I quickly jump to the side..
I looked up seeing humanoid birdish creature with its brain sticking out of its head...

The hands man gave me a sadistic grin

??: meet Nomu... Or more I like to call him is the Anti~Symbol of peace!

The nomu quickly ran up to me, grabbing me tightly
I groaned in pain feeling like I'm being crushed but a large rock

Out the corner of my eye, I saw Aizawa rushing over to me trying to fight the Nomu..
Unfortunately.. Luck wasn't with us today cause Aizawa was quickly pinned down by the Nomu... I was still at its grasp and still whincing in pain..

I suddenly thought and an idea..
Well I hope this works

I started thinking really hard and...
My wings suddenly bursted out in flames.. Making the Nomu Whince in pain while I fall to the ground escaping its powerful grasp..
I coughed a few times until my gaze went over 3 familiar faces

I quickly flew over there when seeing the scene..
The hand guy was reaching out to the frog girls face
And I presume that he can desintigrate anything he touches considering what he did to Aizawa's arm

I flew in as I pushed the girl away, making us both fall into the water behind
I stood up feeling a massive throbbing pain on my shoulder..
In further inspection I realized that his hand must have grazed over my shoulder..


She said in a very panicked mode
I only nodded in response
And suddenly I here a voice from the entrance


I looked up to the entrance seeing father in his strong form.. The only thing that's different was he wasnt smiling like he usually do..
I grabbed my shoulder and whinced feeling my bare muscle..

Well fuck.. I'm gonna have nightmares of this

The Nomu finally left Aizawa alone and went straight to All might..

You: Midoriya, Mineta, Tsuyu.. Take Aizawa out of here now

I sternly ordered
In which they gladly followed..
I looked back to the battle before whincing and groaning some more..
It hurts like hell.. Just imagine your hand burning when you touched a heated pot... Well.. Think about that but 50x 100x more

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