Training to the 'fullest' [20]

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Y/n's POV

I woke up quite early today when I heard a knock from my door... I hesitantly went and opened the door, only seeing my mentor in her hero costume all ready for training.. I just stared at up her since I wasn't the type to wake up this early
She then laughs seducingly as she grabbed my chin forcing me to look up at her face

Mizuki: I wanna have 'fun' with our 'training' today pretty boy..

I raised my eyebrow not knowing what was up for me in the next couple of minutes....


I was sweating bullets as my legs were shaking ever so slightly.. Same goes for Mizuki but her legs where trembling much more than mine

You: Its so tight... Ha... Are you even sure this is part.... Of the training?...

I quickly let out a breathe of exhaustion as I looked at Mizuki who was surprisingly enjoying this..

Mizuki: of course it is!! Ha... Haha... Its fun.. Seeing you struggle... Just push harder y/n! Harder!!!

I then started pushing and pulling with all my might, faster every minute.. And before I knew it, the water from a big pipe started to flow more freely..

Mizuki: good job Y/n!!

She sat down on the floor, as her feet gave out

Mizuki: holding up that lid was so frustrating.. My legs couldn't take it anymore...

I held unto my legs as I looked at Mizuki on the ground

You: the hole in the pump was too tight.. It was hard pushing and pulling it...

Mizuki: but you managed right? At least your stamina and strength increased even a little bit!

I sat on the ground as I catch my breath.. We were at this for 4 hours now..

Mizuki: I thought you can't feel??

She gave me a teasing look as I gave her my cold stare..

You: I can't feel mentally, but I can perfectly feel physically

She just laughs as she started to stand up

Mizuki: c'mon!! Were not done yet!!

Well fuck..

I stood up as I started to follow her on foot to a make shift battle arena which was made of vines, stones and leaves... Not a perfect place to use my fire sword in..
I looked up at her when she stared down at me with a determined look

Mizuki: Try hitting me y/n!

I raised my eyebrow but agreed anyway
I summoned a regular sword as I started to charge at her..
But before I knew it, she fully in cased me with vines which was hard to cut through with my sword.. I didn't decide o use the flame one since I didn't want to ruin the forest surrounding us
I quickly thinner of summoning an ice sword..
I then started freezing the vines before kicking it down as the shattered pieces were scattered at the ground next to me

Mizuki looked at me impressed like she didn't expect me to use that strategy.. The she quickly used her Earth quirk, quickly making a crater below me in which I fell in mercilessly
Without thinking, I immediately sprouted my wings as it tore off a part of my shirt from behind
I then flew up, looking at Mizuki with her still impressed face
I quickly charged full speed at her as she just smirk
I was quickly met by a metal shield at my face.. In which made me fall face first to the mud below..

Mizuki: Your senses are quite fast for someone your age, but still lack some more focus, the adrenaline in you distracts you from focusing what your target will do next..

I sat up from my position holding now dirty face
I quickly wiped the mud away from my face with my hand as I looked up at her

Mizuki: you need to focus on your target more, and imagine what they will do next.. Speed is one thing you need to work on, same with your ability to summon more quickly and the fact that your wings can also be changed by your elements

You: huh.. Now that you mentioned it, my wings this emit flames back in the USJ

Mizuki: Exactly, now do it here, with all of your elements one by one

I sighed as I backed away, leaving some space from her and from the trees around us
I closed my eyes as I started focusing on my wings
It started emitting a pinkish purple light as it turned to water.. And then leaves.. Fire... Metal.. White and black
By that point I felt completely exhausted and was about to puke..

Mizuki just laughed seeing my situation as she approaches me... She patted my back as I started to throw up..

Mizuki: Its already getting late, you can go back to the house now..

She then flicks her fingers as the Kazuchi popped out of nowhere.. And I presume his quirk is Teleportation..
He looked down on me since I was holding unto my knees
He scoffs

Kazuchi: Stand up, were going back to the house

I wiped away the black puke from my mouth as I followed him from behind
While walking I held on my phone looking through some messages I got when I was training... I didn't care too much so I just ignored them completely

Kazuchi: What's your quirk

He said it more like a command than a question, but a still calmly replied back

You: I call it, Sky high and Weapon summoner

Kazuchi: then what's with the Elements?

I shrugged as I continued

You: might be just a family ancestor thing.. I heard it can happen.. And unluckily I received it

Kazuchi: what do you mean unlucky dumbass?? You basically have 3 quirks!!

He looked back at me with an annoyed expression
I merely shrugged as I walked ahead of him making him more irritated..

Kazuchi: you son of a bitch.. You don't deserve those quirks if that's how you act everyday

I looked him over my shoulder as he flinched seeing me looking more intimidating than usual

You: I wasn't the one who asked to be born like this.. So I suggest you shut the fuck up before something happens

I looked at him with my still natural expression as he gulps slightly turning away
I merely looked back at the path as both of us silently reached the mansion

I flopped on my bed..but I still wasn't that sleepy.. I decided to work on my quirk more
I stood up from my bed as I went outside with only my sleeveless shirt and some black gym pants
I changed my wings into the elements I want as I summoned weapons at the same time..
I ran up and down at a near mountain
I did sit ups and push ups
I ran around the mansion 3 times.. Like hell that mansion was huge

I started to sweat from head to toe.. And then decided that, that was enough for tonight.. I looked at my phone seeing it was 2am in the morning..

I still have about.. 3 more hours of sleep...
Not enough but it will have to do

I then wobbly walked up my room and flipped on my bed as I completely passed out instantly

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[How Ironic that its already 2am here lol]

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