A camp Disaster [26]

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Y/n's POV

I was near a cliff side training my quirk..

Flashback to Aizawa

Aizawa: Y/n your training starts with your tolerance with your summoning quirk.. Go by that cliff side over there and summon as many as you can and hit the rock at the same time

End of flashback

I was summoning every weapon I can imagine, throwing it at the rock at the same time.. Making some sweet moves at the same time..

Too bad you have to only imagine it my sweethearts...

I sighed internally as groomed my hair off my face.. Sweat dropped all over my cheeks and forehead.. I was losing stamina and mana at a rapid rate cause of how much I'm summoning.. But I have to bare it since I have to make my tolerance stronger..

I clasped my hands as I then summoned a samurai sword

You: hmm... It would be better if I test this out with my wings..

I then sprouted out my wings as I started flying up..
I turned my wings in different elements.. Same as my sword..





I landed on the very top of the mountain.. Breathing quite irregularly.. I stopped to take a breather..
I dropped my sword as I let my wings go limp..
I looked down seeing My classmates all training their quirks.. Especially Bakugou and Todoroki who can be seen from miles away cause of their quirks..

I sat down on the cliff side of the mountain as I started summoning more weapons.. More knife like weapons to be exact.. Since I didn't have the energy to summon more bigger ones..

I grab a hold of one as I started to aim it towards a tree..
I then threw it as hard as I can and then.. Bullseye got it

Aizawa: Get down from their Y/n! Its already Dinner time!

I looked up the sky seeing its already going down..

That was fast..

I shrugged as I started floating down with my wings.. Already feeling the nausea feeling my stomach.. But I managed to hold it in.. Luckily

I walked towards my classmates who looked completely exhausted..

I don't blame them.. I was As exhausted as they are..

Mandalay: You have to cook for yourselves sweeties!!!! Yesterday was just our treat! Good luck!

Everyone then groaned
But me in the other hand didn't mind it since cooking is actually the only thing I like doing in the house since Dadmight doesn't really cook well..

I headed first to the table where the uncooked food are and started preparing..
Chopping the vegetables.. The meat.. Adding spices and all that shit.. All of that with my straight face

Everyone just looked at me amazed I guess.. Since they were having trouble on chopping and lighting the fireplace who Todoroki gladly lit up
I then put the pot on the fire as I added the remaining ingredients

Midoriya: What are you making Y/n~kun?

You: Curry

Everybody around then gasp in joy

Hagakure: Mmm mmm!! I can smell it from here!!

Aoyoma:✨ WI!✨ This is amazingly great to smell!!✨

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