"We must save her.." [36]

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Walking back to the agency, with my costume and a broccoli beside me eating bread..

Pretty sure thats cannibalism if you think of it.. Like.. Bread is wheat and wheat is a plant.. And..

Midoriya: Hey Y/n?

My internal monolouge was interrupted making me turn my eyes towards the voice

Midoriya: Are you sure you ate already?, o didn't saw you eat anything when I saw you at the lounge

You: I ate last night so it counts

Midoriya then gave me a gloomy and a half smile expression

Midoriya: that's not how it works Y/n...

I just shrugged as we started to get closer to uncles door

You: it works for me atlea-

As I was opening the door.. I felt something hit my forehead hard, making me fall backwards to the ground

Midoriya: Y/N!!

Night: Again Y/n, come here tonight so we can train some more

Midoriya starts to help me up, and I just gave uncle a weak thumbs up as I rub my forehead with my free hand

Night: You guys can go, I already gave Mirio the place where you gonna search.. Report back to me if something comes up

Mirio: alright! Cmon guys! I'll lead the way!

You: okay

I said as I started moving ahead

Mirio: H-Hey!! Y/n~kun!!!!!

~time skip~

Wearing our costumes we started heading off to the place where uncle wanted us to go... Of course.. The 2 started to have a conversation behind me..
I was just minding my own business

Mirio: Looks like you and y/n knew each other for a long time now, when did you guys meet?

Midoriya: oh! During middle school! We had the same class and school at the time.. And at that time he was the only one I was comfortable on talking too since everyone else bullied me

Mirio then puts his hand around Midoriya's shoulder as he gave a thumbs up

Mirio: Thanks a bunch on that Midoriya! At least I know now that Y/n wasn't bored when me and the other 2 are away

Midoriya: oh? You guys knew each other before too?

Mirio nods and gave a bright smile

Mirio: considering Y/n here is All might's son.. And that he's pretty much a VIP in UA.. Its pretty much likely that we got to hang out at a very young age.. ISNT THAT RIGHT Y/N?

I slightly turned around to nod, but before I got too.. Somebody suddenly bumped into me.. Making me fall back and them falling on top of me

Midoriya and Mirio: Y/N!

You: I'm fin-... Huh?

I saw a small girl curled up on me while shivering in fear..
I gently grabbed her and started carrying her

You: are you alright?

The little girl wasn't able to answer back quickly when an older man just in front of me started calling her name to come back to him

?: Eri.. Cmon now, stop being stubborn.. You know I don't like when you act that way

A closer inspection.. I could see that this guy had a long beak like nozel over his mouth..

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