Our Fight [16]

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Y/n's POV

I walked around the stadium looking for any potential partners..
But alas.. I have been left with no one

But it didnt really said in the rules that you can compete alone..
Its decided then
I'll be competing alone
Just like me life

I put on my Second placer points on my head as I looked at midnight and nodded

Midnight: Y/n are you really going to compete this alone??

I pointed behind me as to see nobody was available to add in my team
She sighed heavily before giving me a nod in approval


I spread out my wings as I flew above everyone
They all looked at me in shock as they couldn't be able to grab my points from me.... I kept my spot above them as hamick started happening from below me
Such a great show to watch to be honest..

I should have brought my popcorn


While Caos started happening below me.. I just silently flew around.. Waving every so often to some pro hero's that wanted my attention.. But then I saw a hero that was similar to me


I guess I'll be picking him if he ever decides to pick me to be his sidekick or something

(when you shower you and your shower showers)

You: okay I'm bored...

I immediately boosted my way toward the other teams and grabbed their points making me rank in 2 place below...

Didn't Midoriya had the 10 million earlier?

I flew up to see a better view of the event which was unfolding just below me
I guess todoroki did manage to get Midoriya's 10 million...

I looked above as to see Midoriya and his teammates panicking
I sighed as I took one of my points that consist of 1000 points

Present mic: 10 SECONDS LEFT!!!

I flew down as fast as I could and dropped the points over Midoriya's head.. Making him gasped in shock

He looked at me in the corner of his eye as I nodded swifty before returning to the air..

Present mic: TIMES UP!!!!! TODOROKI HAS GOT THE LEAD AND JUST BELOW HIM IS THE ONE MAN TEAM HIMSELF Y/N!!! Is their anything this young boy can't do????

I slowly glided down while grabbing my stomach, in the verge of throwing up cause of how long I've been using my Sky high quirk.. I leaned toward a wall as to balance myself out, trying not to barf all over myself

Midoriya: Y/N!!!

Ahh.. You have ruined my perfect concentration boy...

I immediately vomited by the wall as Midoriya schreeches in horror
I vomited mostly Black substance but its really normal cause it kinda looks like motor oil since I use metals.. Uhh.. It makes sense if you think about it.... Nvm.. It made more sense in my mind tho

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