Special Moves [30]

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[Looooong ass chapter haha]


I was in the locker room with the other boys changing into our hero costumes..
I looked down on mine as I furrowed my eyes.. Remembering the exact words I said when I first wore this clothes...

I decided to where my Dad's old costume and make a little adjustments in it so I'll be able to use my wings and my weapons comfortably

Those words stuck in my mind as I reluctantly wore the said costume I was holding..
Catching some stares by the other boys with me


We were all now in the Gamma Gym..
Looking around seeing it was quite a spacious place..
21 of us students combined wouldn't even fill 1\4 of the building..

Aizawa: Today we will be training each of your Special moves...

Midnight: Every hero needs one whenever they get into a very sticky situation

Aizawa: Our example is Iida's Ricro boost and Y/n's Chain wrap..

Iida then was shocked when I stayed unfazed..

Iida: I didn't know that could be seen as a special move... I'm honored to be an example!

I turned to face Iida, having his face look like his been praised by a king... In which I ignored..

And at that moment.. I muted everything..
Until someone shouted..

Midnight: Go ahead Cementos!!

Giant pedal tools started appearing from the ground..
Everyone looked up in shock as I just looked down on my phone..

Midnight: now grab a pedal stool and start working on some special moves!!!!


Ectoplasm: try turning your wings into metal and try drilling into the stone

I nodded as I started spreading my wings and turning them to metal..
Stepping back.. I started running as I flapped my wings valiantly..
Already flying fast through the air towards the stone in front of me.. I quickly wrapped my wings around me as I started spinning in the air.. While drilling the thick stone in the process..

Ectoplasm: good

I landed on the ground as I laid my palm on my head feeling quite uneasy cause of the spinning move I did earlier..

Ectoplasm: now think of more special moves you can do with your quirks

I balanced myself as I started thinking.. But not long after.. I was started to get hit by non other than ectoplasm.. Well.. His clone repeatedly..
I tried summoning a sword to defend myself but I wasn't fast enough..
He stopped as I dropped to my knees looking up at him

Ectoplasm: you need better reflexes and more agility to summon a sword more quickly

You: Right..

Ectoplasm: maybe some support items can help you strengthen your quirks.. Try going into the support department later and try thinking of a device that can help your quirks

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