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We dry off after another round in the shower.
I find that I like it when he's behind me rather than when we're facing each other.

It was the greatest that night after roller skating, but that was before I knew what he did to Hera.
I found that every time I looked in his eyes, even though the gaze of intense pleasure, I could feel myself falling into the pit of darkness in his eyes.

I use the towel on my face, and I wondered into the lush material if he used that money to buy this if he used that money to buy the various items on the bed.

Who knows what that man did to her? And Vincenzo, her only friend, and first love had led her to the jaws of a predator.

I look over at him as he tones and moisturizes his face in the mirror, and I realize he could be doing the same to me. He could be prepping me up for sale, like poultry.

I averted my eyes when his eyes wandered from his reflection on my own—his hand with the soft cotton pad frozen at that moment.
I left the bathroom, walking towards the bedroom.

I opened one of the Victoria secret shopping bag, to find a variety of different panties and bra sets in one bag and another that appeared to have lingere tucked neatly inside.

I felt awkward wearing any of them.

"Do you not like them?" Vincenzo asked, he's wearing boxers and a white shirt. I guess I have been standing there for a while.
"I just don't know if it's necessary is all. I have clothes at home and I don't think he's the type to be so harsh as to not let me in to pack." I said and Vincenzo walks until he's behind me. His frame pressed against my back.

"What if I wanna see you wear this?" Vincenzo asked fishing into the bag to pick out a bright tangerine orange lingerie set with laces and bows. The bright color would contrast perfectly against my dark skin.

"Vince... I can't wear that to do homework."
"Why not?"
"What about Kim?, what if she-"
"Kim only comes here Friday night and then she leaves in the morning, if she even comes back." Vincenzo explains.

That's When I realize that I didn't have a good reason why I couldn't, the house was warm and cozy enough for me to not be cold and I just got fucked against the doorway so I wasn't sure if I could claim modesty.

He leads me to the study where a really big oak desk upstairs towards the window surrounded by plants and flowers.

I sat and began working, barely even checking out the rest of my surroundings in the spacious room .
It felt odd to sit around in an expensive lingerie set, flopping though papers and attempting to get work done but something about it was also thrilling, especially the fact that every now and then I saw Vincenzo's eyes trailed my body.

"I'm going to make a cup of coffee do you want one?" Vincenzo asked, he has been organizing my assignments in sets of difficulty, From simple worksheets, to essays.
"Yes please." I said barely looking up from my Spanish worksheet. I had made my way through my criminal law assignments, leaving behind just a couple reading assignments and two essays which were just about cases and their outcomes.

"Thank you," I said gratefully to Vincenzo who sets a pretty saucer  with a small black mug on top of it and cubes of sugar and then another on his side of the large table.
"I assumed you liked a lot of creamer." Vincenzo said suggestively.
I shrink into the brown leather swivel chair underneath me.
"I do..." I say avoiding his eyes.

"I'll get started on the essays." Vincenzo said picking up the stack.
"Oh no, you don't have to." I insist trying to politely decline his offer.
"I know I don't have to."  Vincenzo says, brown eyes already scanning the paper.
"What are the instructions on fonts, spacing and size?" He questions, opening up a draw on the desk and taking out a space grey Mac book pro.

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