The Devil's Diary

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Vincenzo pulled off the road and into the parking lot of our public library. The huge dark academia-style building always took my breath away but this time I was already short of breath.
"You don't have to pick me up," I said once I got out of the car my knees buckling under me.
"I don't mind." He says, tone void of any emotion.
"Okay, thank you, I'll see you later then," I said frankly, every word burns my throat.
He looks at me and for a moment I could feel his anger despite his blank expression.

He was angry with me deep inside I could tell and the fact that he was lying about it filled me with much more distress.

I placed my library card at the entrance and it opens the door, letting me inside the building.
I turn back to see Vincenzo pulling out of the driveway, but something told me to watch and make sure he drove away.
So I did, smiling with a wave as his car pulls out and towards the stop sign.

As soon as I see him leave, air enters my lungs.
I rush to the information desk and request a reading nook. The older blonde lady seemed concerned
By my frazzled appearance and ask if everything's okay.
"Yeah, Just late on a reading assignment," I said way too fast.
She seems unnerved by it but shakes it off.
"The reading nooks are unavailable right now, but you can take this pass and it'll tell you when one is and where." She said and I nodded taking her and taking the kindle device out of her hand.

I go to the adult side of the crowded library. I sat down at a circular desk and pulled out the journals.

I opened the first one, I opened the first page and see there was a page above it that was ripped out. And then another page that had scribbled all over it, covering the whole page in darkness and black ink.

The next three pages were like that.  Then there were 2 empty pages before writing started.

I don't know who is going to be reading this journal so I don't know who I should address when writing it.
I was told not to worry about what I write in here, but I know it's going to be evaluated, so I wonder how honest it's expected to be. I find it very difficult to write knowing it will be observed but I know I must.
I was told to write about my mood, my diet, my experiences, and my family every day if possible, so here I go.

Date: 04/03/2011

I am in a good mood.
I had a protein bar and an apple for breakfast.
For lunch, my mom made a couple of ham and cheese sandwiches with green grapes. For dinner, our babysitter made us a pizza.
The only thing memorable about today is that I ran into a lunch lady today after removing things out of my locker and she cried. I was put into after school suspension, despite it being a mistake that we both had no control of.
I understand why I have to get punished. I made her cry, whether it was intentional or not, my actions caused pain and I must pay.

Everything is going relatively well at home; I told my parents about the suspension, they yelled at the teachers and now I only have to write an apology. Aside from that mother is preoccupied at school, dad is unavailable because of his job, and I noticed Vienna is getting better at spelling while I helped her with homework last night. Her multiplication is still not up to par with her grade level, however, I don't think it's cause for concern as she can learn pretty quickly when she's willing.

There were more entries plainer than this, and I read them, savory every word. On paper, he seemed rather ordinary, kind, and sympathetic, if not a little odd.

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