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"This birthday has to be my happiest.
Why, you ask? Well, because of the love of my life wishing me a happy birthday.
It doesn't get better than this." I said into my phone to kin, who was on the other line.

"You mean the same love of your life which would end your 'closest' friendship if you even look in his direction for too long." Kin said with Serena's giggle on the other in.

"Look, babe, you know what I always say, don't risk any of your shit on some man," Serena said, and I sighed.
"Look, guys, I have a plan. I'm going to confess my feelings on my birthday. If he would even consider me, then I'll come clean to Vienna if he doesn't, then this whole thing never happened, and I'll just let it go."

"As if your fat ass could ever let something go." Kin said, and Serena laughed. I scowled, pulling up the gold dress to my neck and staring in the mirror.

"I'm the skinniest person I know, thanks. I'm hanging up now."

"Hey- what's up with this lame ass party rules anyways? Your 17th birthday was way lit."

"That's cause Vienna's mom was the supervisor and Vienna convinced her to drink, this time it's her brother but don't worry Vienna said you could bring as many people and alcohol as you want. She said her brother isn't the type to lose his shit over anything. Said he'll be mad for a little, then get over it."

"But wouldn't he be mad at you for going against his rules or whatever?" Kin asked.

"That's a part of the plan as well if he accepts me I stop Vienna from escalating the party because She invited 17 people as her cover and told everyone else to come a little later. If he rejects me, I sneak my way home and let drunk horny high schoolers destroy his home."

"But won't Vienna invite you back the next day to help her clean."

"Right... I didn't think about that."
"So much for valedictorian, huh?" Kin mocked.

"Stop just because I'm good academically doesn't mean life comes easy to me; instead, I'm way worse at living life than everyone else. God being alive is tiring." I sighed, spinning around in the dress.

"Look, kid, if he says he doesn't want any of that.. just hook up with Jackson."
"In Vienna's house?" I said, scrunching up my nose in disgust.

"Why not? he's going to reject you there, isn't he?"
"You know Vienna family are like the Christianist Christians whoever christened, right?"

"Yeah But Vienna's a total slut bag." Kin said, and I dropped the dress.
"She said she didn't know he was your crush, she apologized."
"An apology won't unsuck his dick now, will it?"

"I'm hanging up before the Vienna hate train comes again."
"Whatever hoe, that's why she looked like a bucket of subway trash coming to school yesterday."

I hung up, rolling my eyes, having two friend groups that couldn't stand each other was the worse.
I met Kin during my freshman year of high school, and I met Vienna on the first day of middle school.

Kin and I became close after me, and Vienna kind of faded since she started making other friends who didn't like or understand me.

After Vienna and I became close again, I tried to integrate her into my friends and me into her own, and it just didn't work.

I folded my dress back up and attempted to put it back into my skirts.
"Hey, boo, mom said to get you for the church," Vienna said, walking into my open room in a yellow sundress.

"I have projects to complete today.. homework up to my nipples. I can't go to church today."
"You tell her that then," Vienna said, chuckling to herself, knowing I wouldn't.

I went into my closet and picked out a dress. 
Vienna's church didn't like it when women wore anything other than dresses and skirts.
I had worn jeans once because Vienna said she was going to say fuck you and wear jeans because she couldn't find a dress. She begged me to wear it with her, so she didn't look like she was defiant to stand out.

When I met up with her, she had a perfectly pristine dress on. I felt like dying when I felt everyone's eyes on me whispering. As if being the darkest one, there wasn't enough to make me stand out.

I knocked on the door, and Vincenzo opened it. His pressed white formal shirt was half-open, and he had a suit jacket thrown over his shoulder with his belt also unbuttoned.

"come in." He said, moving aside for me to enter. I entered, trying not to invade his personal space as I did.
God, this was awkward.

The dogs came charging in as always. I felt so startled by their loud, aggressive barking that I backed up back to him. His hard chest pressed against my back, his naked chest against my back.

"They won't hurt you; they don't hurt pretty girls who go to church and celebrate their birthdays."

did Vincenzo call me 'pretty'?!

Why didn't it sound like a compliment, though?
"Thanks..?" I said as I watched him gestured for the two he'll beast to go upstairs.

"Oh, Vienna told me to give you a ride." He said before casually tying up his belt.

His car was a pretty Chevy slick black pick up truck.
I tried to climb on to the seat, I did, but it was so far up, and I just kept falling even with my leg on the step tool.

He placed a hand on my torso and lifted me until I was sat on the leather seats.
"How have you never grown any taller?"  He said to himself; I felt my whole body heat up at the comment.
"I used to be 5'2 I'm 5'4 now," I said shyly.

"After about five years?" He said, chuckling now. My heart swooned in my chest. I couldn't even believe he was keeping up a conversation with me, especially after calling me pretty. Maybe the closer I get to eighteen, the more he'll open up to me.

I notice he drives with one ring decorated hand while the other is hand drums against the compartment thing.

He's a total daddy.

Probably the tying you up, pull up your waist, and pound into you as you helplessly take every single thrust he gives you.

"Do you want me to turn on the radio or something?" He asked, and I snapped out of my daydream.
"I'm okay," I reply, feeling embarrassed by my dirty thoughts.

We arrived at the church. I opened the door and jumped down.

I noticed that he didn't open his door.
"Aren't you coming?" I asked, and he looks at me, his dark brown eyes shining.

"I don't go to church."

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