A killer job

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I didn't stay for the 3 hours, i read and did my home work for a little and then i went home.

The next morning, i got a call from Vienna which I immediately hung up.
I took a shower and got dressed.
I heard a knock on my door as i continued drying my braided scalp.

" I'm running late for class, the bathroom line is long- can i use your shower." Everett my step brother pleaded.
"Sure." I said moving to the side.
"Thank you." I
He said and i smiled awkwardly moving to the side.

I grabbed my book bag and walked out of the room.

Walking down the stairs i saw Susan making breakfast once more.
"Breakfast?" She asked and i shook my head.
"You should stay and eat" my father said from the table.
"I'm running late for the bus" I said feeling my anxiety rise, i hate looking at my father, talking to him was hell for me.

I stepped out of my house and saw Vienna's car parked in our driveway. I continued walking, pretending as if i didn't see her car.

she drives besides me.
"I'm sorry Sara, can we please talk?"  I heard Vienna say and i continued walking stomping away from her. She drives besides me.

"You're dead to me."
"You're going the wrong way the bus is that way." She said and i frowned turning around and walking the opposite direction.

At school avoiding Vienna was a chore.
She practically followed me around every where and wouldn't leave me alone.
She even sat with me and my friend group at lunch even though Kin glared at her the whole time.

I never told them what they did because I know they held negative feelings towards her and that would only cause more negative feelings towards her.

"um why aren't we talking to Vienna bitch?" Kin asked and I ignored him continuing to walk down the hall.
"I'm talking to you." Kin said standing in front of me.
"We just had an issue alright?"
"Tell me everything."

"I'm not going to fuel your hate train so go back to the station."
"You are literally so lame."
"Am I?" I asked making Kin smack his lips.
"The lamest."

"Vienna is totally toxic." Serena said appearing from behind me.
" she rejected you in middle school we get it get over it." I said and Serena pinched my cheek, dragging it as she spoke.

"First off She didn't reject me, we kissed and she was totally into it and then she told her friends completely outing me to the whole school."

"Sorry, I mean you're the only one here with a truly valid reason for disliking her."
"Dillion was mine. He was gay panicking, I had him gay panicking. And Vienna just lifted him back into his safety net. I almost had him." Kin said.
"As far as I'm concerned Vienna is against the homosexuals and is actively standing in the way of the homosexual agenda." Serena said and Kin joins in with words of encouragement.

"Guys, usually you know I have no problem  listening to you guys talk about the homosexual agenda but I'm having a hard day alright. I just kind of want to go to class in silence."

"She fucked you up that bad huh? " Kin asked and I rolled my eyes walking passed him.

Vienna appeared in front of me.
"Have you talked badly about me to your friends yet?, can I get a chance to apologize now?."

"I never talk about you with my friends, ha, I thought we were on the same page with that."
"It wasn't like that, I was just worried about you and I was trying to get a second opinion when I told him. I didn't think he would abuse my  trust like that."

"Funny, I didn't think you'd abuse mine." I said walking passed her in the direction of my class. She grabbed my arm and spun me around.
"Sara please, lets just talk."

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