Sara runs towards and away

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"She's awake," I could hear Vincenzo say in the fog of my mind. But when I opened up my eyes, I could only see the ceiling.
"Can she not move or feel anything?" I could hear a voice, Nadia's voice. A cheerful ring in my head.
"She can't move; I don't know if she retained her sense of touch," Vincenzo replies, and it scared me. He brought someone to my room, someone like Nadia.

"You think we can scare her better?" Nadia asked. "No, I think it'll only make matters worse. I imagine it's like a protective cocoon for her to go into herself like this. I think it's why she keeps falling asleep; she's running from any kind of stress."
"You took one psychology course," Nadia said, mildly irritated.

"I know fear."

She jumps into my vision; a big knife appears next, then she moves it and stands it straight over my eye. Fear runs through me, and my body becomes heavier and heavier until I could feel myself dipping into the mattress, deeper and deeper and-
"Hey Vince, you think if I cut out her face and wear it, it'll still count as black face?" Nadia said, lips spreading into a wide smile.
"Yes, it'll be more politically correct to wear a caucasian face," Vincenzo said earnestly, and she sighed and hopped off me, taking the knife with her.

"It's a shame. She's quite the looker." She says, walking away from my sight.
"wearing her skin won't give you her good looks. You'd still have your horrible skull."

Nadia snickered at his words. "I'll chop her head off," she growled, suddenly furious at his comment.
"Yeah, well, wait till I'm done with her."

"She fits you, you know."

"Funny, she said the same thing about you," Vincenzo said, his voice was moving around the room.

"Really? aw, she's so sweet." Nadia gushed; everything's quiet before she begins again. "I always imagined you'd be with someone with a disability. Pushes hard on the sympathy factor, oh sweet Vincenzo, his girlfriend is crazy, she's stuck in her head."

"I picked her. She's good enough for what I need her for." Vincenzo says, entering my sight for the first time. He's dressed in a dark band shirt and dark jeans.
"You think about fucking her like this?" Nadia said, her head appears behind Vincenzo, pressed into his arm. He shoves her off.
"Scaring her won't work." He reiterates.
"We could do it together. She wouldn't even remember."

"focus, I didn't call you here to explore your rape fantasy."
Vincenzo says- the scene leaves my mind, leaves behind muddled thoughts and a headache.
I woke up naked under soft sheets; I shuffled around looking for my clothes, praying Vincenzo hadn't abandoned me here.

After getting my clothes on, I heard Vincenzo's voice approaching the room.
"Morning, have you guys been up all night?" Vincenzo asked, "we are almost all wrapped up. There was an accounting error."

I walked out of the brightly lit room to see Vincenzo in black sweatpants looking over four scantily dress women with stacks upon stacks of cash in front of them.
"I think your guest is awake." An older woman said, winking in my direction.
Vincenzo walked towards me and smiles before pressing a kiss to my temple.

"Morning, everyone, this is Sara, Sara, that girl over there, the one with the horrible blonde streaks in her hair,  is Kim, my roommate. And her friends Jada, brea, and Sophia."  Vincenzo said, gesturing to the women as he went.
"Wait, I'm sorry, I thought you said you liked my hair." Kim, an East Asian girl, exclaimed.
"I was polite. These days It's getting harrowing to look at." Vincenzo said, and the only white girl Sophia gasped."oh, thank god someone finally said it." She said, putting down the stick in her hand to run her fingers through her blonde locks.

"Nice to meet you, Sara," the dark skinned girl Vincenzo gestured to as Jada greeted.
"Fun night last night." Brea, a light-skinned girl, teased, and I wanted to sink into the floor with nerves.

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