Vincenzo 1

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Vincenzo brings the apple to his mouth and takes a tentative bite. Normally, He ate his lunch outside in a tree but it started to rain and since his grandfather wasn't in, he assumed he wouldn't mind.

Except that now that he's down here, the smell is so rancid that he can't move.
The worst smell, the one that made his nose red and his eyes tear up was coming from his left where a rotting detached arm laid on top of the sink.

As if that wasn't enough to stop Vincenzo from eating, the dirty woman tied up in the far right corner was staring at him.
Vincenzo was never allowed to interact with them and he followed his grandfather's rules most days but the feeling of the woman's steel grey eyes peering into his own, finally made him break one.

And then slower, he broke almost all of them.
"Why are you staring at me?" Vincenzo asked, unable to take a bite of his fruit.
He had a system for how he ate his lunches he packed for himself and the apple was always first.
"I-I- Nothing." The woman stuttered, her bottom lip shaking as she spoke.

She was covered in wounds and had a deep cut around her wrist from where his grandfather had attempted to cut off her hand. The man had been hesistent and distracted and had used the wrong blade.

Vincenzo saw him picking up the wrong blade from his corner where he always sat. The blade he uses to militate is the one with the green handle to his right not his left. But he'd been quiet, he wasn't allowed to interact after all.

"Nothing always implies something unless it really means nothing which rarely happens but sometimes is." Vincenzo mumbled into his sweater. It was a Mickey Mouse sweater his grandmother had gotten him, he really liked the sweater.
It was warm and he liked Mickey Mouse.

"How old are you?"
"Between 1-100, you guess." Vincenzo said, putting the apple down.
"You look 5, are you 5?" She asked, she's shaking still but she hugs herself tight. The chains straining against the wall.

"You're very close." Vincenzo said.

The woman doesn't say anything and that surprised Vincenzo, the 15 women he's met all begged him to save them, all plead with Vincenzo to call the police, to run get a neighbor, to tell his mother when he went home.

"Aren't you going to ask me to call the police?" Vincenzo asked leaning against the wall.
"do you have a cell phone?" She asked and Vincenzo shook his head.
"No, I do not."
"Do you know how to get to the road by yourself?" She asked, her words shorten by a pained groan.
"Do you have anyone that you're close to that isn't a part of your family?"

"Do you want to help me?" She asked voice a little stronger than before.
"Sometimes" Vincenzo's answer seemed to surprise the tired abused woman.
she seats up as straight as she can with the chains restricting her movement.
" Do you want to help me now?"

"I don't know." Vincenzo said averting her eyes and looking at his apple.
"Can I have some of your food?" The woman asked, Vincenzo's gaze moves back to her, her eyes are watering despite how calm she attempts to make herself appear. She's afraid, like his mother is afraid.
"Yes." Vincenzo has never shared his lunch with anyone before, nor has he ever spoon fed someone something. But the way she looks at him afterwards seems somewhat worth the struggle.

"That's all." He says, looking at his brown bag on the floor next to the woman's naked bruised thigh.
"T-Thank you." She says as Vincenzo pulls out his water bottle, it had rope that hung around his neck because his mother had become frustrated with him because of how often he lost it.

It's not Mickey Mouse themed like vincenzo had wanted, Vincenzo had stood in front of the Pink Minnie Mouse one that he wanted and his mother had yanked him away, pulling a random cup from off the shelf and shoving it at him.

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