Gee + Vee

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I woke up on the bed but Vincenzo isn't besides me. Instead there's a note saying that he'll be back soon.

I stay down at his almost print like handwriting and then I remembered how he'd easily copied my handwriting.

By the time I made my way out of the room the sun was high in the sky shedding light through out the apartment.
I made myself a light breakfast and went upstairs in the study to read.

While I was on the computer a notification from our local news station popped up. I eagerly clicked it when I saw 'Geraldine Awoh'

Yesterday the body of a young girl, Mia McClain was found on the banks of melon's lake, the body was inflicted with the same injuries as Geraldine Awoh, leading investigators to believe they may be a big connection between the two girls.
Although, it hasn't been confirmed, it's safe to say the mongerary killer is responsible for the untimely death of these children in our communities.

Many members of the community have began reacting, including multiple teenage girls who have come forward to say that their parents have forbidden them for staying out for longer than a couple hours after school. They've even encouraged some to only travel in groups or to stay at home all together.

I shot the laptop close and got dressed.

Geraldine lived in a house a couple blocks down the street from my own and I realized now that I never even noticed.

I tried to make excuses for not knowing. I had spoken to her a couple times, she'd stopped at my bus stop often too and would occasionally say bye awkwardly.

I have to wonder why she decided to walk home that day?
Even if she was staying after school for whatever reason most of the time we just snuck into the buses of the theatre and art students and the bus would stop to drop Benny Carson up the street and we'd walk to our houses.

Not together, but in a reasonable distance from each other.

Now I wondered about why I never closed that space.

Her house is a small one story red brick house. It had a rooster up top and a very lively garden surrounding it.

My hand shook as I rang the door bell.
A tall dark skin older man opened the door after a while.
"Hi, I'm Sara." I said and he hums.
He looks tired.
"um I was the on-" I started my eyes drifting around trying to come up with-
"Who's it Frank?" A heavily accented voice asked from the back.
"She says her name is Sara." The tall man said, his own accent peeking through.

"Sara?" The voice questioned, before silence fell, and then hurried footsteps made their way to the door.
A short chubby middle aged African woman appeared at the door. She looks thin and fragile with red eyes and dark circles.
"Hi." I say dumbly.

"You're the one who- who saw her?" The woman asked.
"I-yes." I answered quietly.

They both move out of the way, allowing me to enter.
Their house is empty on the inside and there appear to be packing boxes all over their home.
"Please sit." The woman said gesturing to a loveseat in the empty home.

"What brings you here?" She asked and I don't really know how to answer her.
"They told me you found her, the school. And I asked them for your address, I guess but they refused because of privacy. But I wanted to send you this... please excuse me." The woman said before hurrying up the stairs leaving me with the tall man. 

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