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"This might be the predatory behavior my mother was talking about." He said before releasing me from his hold.
"I'll go now." I said and he sits up as well.
"Do you need a ride?" He asked and I shook my head quickly.
"I'll walk."

"Getting to Your school is a  40 minute walk."  He said and I laughed nervously.
"I'm a very good speed walker."
"Doesn't matter how fast you walk when your legs are that short."

"I just want to get some fresh air, that's all."
I said getting ready to go.
"It's Cold outside." He said and I looked at the weather on my phone.

"It's fine I'll get a jacket."
"Did I make you uncomfortable?" Vincenzo asked and I shuddered.
"No it's not like that." I said, it definitely was like that.

I found myself in Vincenzo's car wearing his sweater that was obviously way too big and expensive to have me as it's owner.
"I apologize for earlier this morning."
"You don't have to apologize." I said quickly.
"I can tell you're uncomfortable."

He can tell I'm uncomfortable because he's constantly observing me. Any slight movement I can feel him taking note of it. I supposed thats why he's gone so long the way he is without calling so much attention to himself.

He could read the mood, better than even those who could actually relate to the feeling the mood created.

He could tell when to comfort and apologize and pity.
"It was inappropriate and I'm sorry."

He thought I was upset over the hard on he had this morning. But the memory of that was at the back of my mind now, waiting patiently for the nights when I was warm and alone. Wishing he was laid besides me making me hot with his heat.

"How come you can get a boner when your heart beats slow?" I asked and he smiles at the question.
"My heart beat isn't slow all the time, when it comes to intense cardio and in certain sexual situations it speeds up just like everyone else's. However my heart rate can't pass 180 bpm. If it does reach 180 and the activity continues, it'll stop instead of slowing down."

This morning he, or his body considered us together as a sexual situation. I knew boys had little control over morning erections but I couldn't imagine that being a problem for Vincenzo.

I normally would've preened at that, gone on a rant about how he's so obviously attracted to me to validate my feelings towards him.

"Does it hurt?" I asked absentmindedly.
"I don't know, it's never stopped before." He said innocently.
"No.. I mean when it speeds up suddenly."

"Have you ever had like intercourse?" I asked feeling like a doctor with the invasive question.
"How much is plenty?"
"Are you supposed to keep count?" He asked me and my jaw dropped.
"Estimate." I said, it's a lot harsher of a tone than I wanted to use but the jealousy that curls in my belly renders me impulsive.

"Maybe 30... 40 partners at most." He says.
"Wow." I said turning away from him.
"Are you upset?" He asked and I shook my head.
"Why would I be upset?"
"You claim to have some kind of emotional attachment to me. It wouldn't be odd for you to feel possessive enough that you'd find such a thing upsetting."
" I'm fine."

"But so like everytime I thought you were coming home from school there was a chance you were just from fucking someone?"
I wished I could've just left it at I'm fine..

I expected him to be sexually active, I atleast attempted to be realistic after all he was an attractive man. but my imagination stopped at 7 partners total.

A tight knot curls at the bottom in my stomach as I realized that the more time I spent with Vincenzo pulled me away from the fantasy I had of him. This fantasy that kept me afloat during the times I was perfectly content with the thought of drowning.

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