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Vincenzo walks back to the lobby; he's holding a gym bag and wearing the glasses he'd put on as soon as he entered the building.
He'd smiled at the receptionist and with the short hair cut, the big square glasses, and the unfamiliar bright yellow Hawaiian style shirt he was wearing. Vincenzo looked nothing like Vincenzo at all.

"Hello, welcome to Suncrest, are you checking in today?" The receptionist, a bright mid-twenties-year-old man, said, and Vincenzo brightened.
"No, a friend of mine, Victor left a big of his here. He wanted me to pick it up-" Vincenzo explained, and the receptionist seemed a little lost for a second. As if he was star struck by Vincenzo.

I suddenly wanted to roll my eyes.  he couldn't possibly be this attractive, right?

"Um- yeah. We were told you were coming." He answers after a while turning around to grab a key card from a locked cabinet.
"Can I have your ID please?" He asked Vincenzo, and Vincenzo fumbled around, sending his long ringed fingers into his Jean pockets to no avail.
"Babe, have you seen my wallet?" He asked me; I looked at him in confusion. Crossing my arms over the other, and standing defensively.
"Shit." He says, and then fingers the side of his glasses. A nervous habit you'd assume he'd gotten from years of wearing glasses.

"Ugh, I'm such a mess." He says dejectedly. "They're going to be so upset, they heading to a flight right now. God, I suck." Vincenzo said voice filled with so much anxiety and self-disappointment that I started to feel sorry for him.
"I should go check the car-" Vincenzo started and then remembered the valet took it away and planted his big palm on to his forehead.
"It's okay." The receptionist said before handing Vincenzo the keycard.
"What's your name?" The receptionist asked, and then Vincenzo lies.
"Jonathan mcree."

"Alright, you can go right up." The receptionist said before turning to look at Sara.
"Are you okay, ma'am?" The receptionist asked, and I shook my head. Vincenzo wraps his arms around me.
"She's not feeling so hot today. Do you mind if she just sits there for a moment? I don't want her walking around more than she has to. Awful stomach bug."  Vincenzo says, and the receptionist sent me a sympathetic look.

"Sure, of course." He said, and Vincenzo began leading me to a chair. He plants me down and whispers, "stay."

Five minutes later, he comes back, rolling a suitcase.
"Thank you so much." He says to the receptionist after the guest in front of him walks away.
"No problem, sir, enjoy your day." The receptionist said, and Vincenzo smiles brightly.

"Ready to go, love?" He asked, and I looked away from him. I was ashamed at myself for being warmth by the nickname, for being just as taken as the receptionist despite knowing the truth.

Serena warned me, is all I can think as Vincenzo tips the valet.

Vincenzo hands me my phone before he starts the car.
Serena has called me six times and has left me 20 messages.
I want to call her, but I have gone utterly mute with disappointment at myself.
What do I tell her?

"Did I upset you?" Vincenzo asked, pulling off the glasses.
I say nothing, "I'm sorry." He says, but all I think about is him lying to that man. Lying to me, lying to every single person he's ever met because he's not even really human. He's some kind of mutation or some lost, broken old human relative.

"This should be the last time we see each other," I said finally. The words brand on my chest as I tell them and send a huddle of pain through me.
"I don't want to see you anymore," I said, I wanted the words to hurt him, but I knew they wouldn't.  They hurt me instead.

I waited for him to say okay, to agree that it'd be best, To hurt me, hurt me the most so I can move, but he doesn't say that at all...
"I like seeing you; I don't think I can stop." He phrases it as a confession, but I can practically taste the lie.

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