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"We should go," Vincenzo said the moment I sat down.
"What?" I asked, and he began pulling bills out of his wallet.  Then he grabbed my hand. I pouted out as he pulled me with him.
"I'll find you something else to eat."

Once in the car, I held up the fresh roses to my nose.
"Do you want fast food, or do you want me to take you back to my place and make you something to eat?" Vincenzo propositioned, his eyes glistening with something wild.
"You can cook?"
" proficiently"

Vincenzo pulled out of the parking lot and onto the street.
"No questions," I said quietly to myself before laying back into the seat.
"You're very honest," I stated.
"Only to you." He said, and I heated up, pressing my body deeper into the seat.
I wanted him to elaborate, but I didn't know how to prompt it out of him without questions.

"I don't think you have ever lied to me." A prompt because I knew he lied a lot.
"That would not necessarily be a wrong statement to make."
"That doesn't inspire confidence."

"There are some half-truths here and there. Where I said something, disregarding precise details, which could've affected your interpretation while expecting you to interpret my message in the way I preferred."
"You've manipulated me."
"No, Sara, I don't manipulate you; I allow you to manipulate yourself."

"I have dependency issues," I say, and he looks over to me with a small smile on his face.
"Sometimes I pick someone, and no matter what, they are just my person. And it's no good, and I recognize how big of a problem it is now that I'm stuck on you."
"I could let you go...I could make you go." Vincenzo said, voice drifting quietly until it reached a threatening tone.

" I doubt at this point I could survive it. On our first date, you took me to the forest, and you left me, you murdered someone that night, and I almost drowned. On the day I learned my mother passed away, you locked me inside your car and used me as your cover for whatever was in that bag you stole from someone else. You let Nadia in my room, obviously bat shit crazy, Nadia. She wanted to militate and rape me for whatever reason, and here I am, Just leaving a diner because your bosses want you to continue being the grim reaper. And yet here I am." I ranted self-disappointment, burrowing holes into my already acidic stomach.

"I guess it's true love," Vincenzo says as I tried to calm myself down.
"Maybe, you're the only person I've ever liked."
"That has to be a terrible look for every other man on this planet."
"Or there could be something wrong with me," I suggested, feeling a dark wave of laughter travel into my throat and get stuck there.
"Or there could be something wrong with you," Vincenzo repeats.

"Do you want to ask about the diner?"  Vincenzo asked, stopping for the light.
"You quit?"
"They want me to move to Russia, and my Russian is horrible," Vincenzo said, stopping to take a quick breath before continuing.

"Aside from that, they've bored me enough with their rules and requirement."
"Are You going to start killing on your own?"

"No. I'm going to go through rehabilitation. Treat it like any other addiction."

"They said they would lock you up amongst other things."
"It'll be well within their rights to; I'm breaking the contract.."

"I supposed you'd first have to have ambitions to be upset that something could come between you and what you want in life," I said, staring out of the window.

"You told Nadia you needed me for something. What is it?" I asked, attempting to keep fear out of my voice.
"I can't tell you, not yet, but one day I will," Vincenzo said before his phone begins ringing.

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