Who did this?

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I got an email from my school about a week ago saying they were going to be closing the school for a week for the police investigation.
I got a separate email from the principal telling me that I didn't have to return to school after if I didn't feel it would be beneficial for my health.

She said I had enough credits to graduate and if I wanted to I could just do some online course work.
'We'll be honored to have you at any school event you'll like to attend.' The principal continued.

'I'm very sorry that you found Geraldine, I can not begin to imagine the torment seeing someone like that could render a mind. Please take enough time to yourself and visit Dr Rema."

Sincerely, Principal Octavius

I laid in bed looking at my phone.
"My GPA's gonna plummet." I said quietly to myself.
"I worked so hard."

I suppose a girl's dead and I should care about that more than my grades.

I get out of the email app and opened up the local news one.
First thing on the page was a headline Geraldine Awoh was found dead.
A news article dated a week ago when I had discovered her body.

I clicked on the video of the report.

A thick black woman stood on the other side of the screen. Holding her mic up steps way from the main entrance of our school.
"I'm Jordan Macs, standing outside Elksdale high school where a couple weeks ago a young girl named Geraldine Awoh was last seen alive. Yesterday during lunch, a couple classmates went down to the basement of the school where they discovered Geraldine's Body. When our news team arrived yesterday, the police were once again unwilling to comment on the event but we've received news that the chief will be making a statement this afternoon at magurder park. Here's what we know so far about what took place.
Geraldine left her tutoring session and walked down south from the school. She was then interrupted by her killer and subsequently kidnapped. She looks to have been severely abused in the past weeks and then brought back to the school. Whether she was alive down there or not, We do not have any knowledge on that at this time. We will follow the chief's report and see if this case has any similarities to the string of murders committed by the so called 'mongerary murder.' Again, I'm Jordan Macs and
You're watching MN News."

Sat up at the edge of my full sized bed, then I lifted my head off the phone and saw her laying there, staring at me.

"What happened to me?" She asked sitting up from her position.
Her coily hair stands tall with only a headband holding it back.
Her eyes are bloodshot and her neck has open wounds. Flies celebrated around her body. She's bleeding into my gray rug.

"You're dead." I said bringing my hand to my face. Rubbing my aching temple.
"I know, but what happened to me?" She asked one more time.
"I don't know."

"That's not good enough." She says . "That's not good enough, Sara.. you know that." She says before laying back down in the position I found her.

She comes often like this, asking me in various ways to investigate her death.

My wrist hurts more and more these days and it's  only when I stare at it when I realize that my finger tips were darkened and my fingers were swollen.

I tried to move them, knowing it was because of poor circulation, but with only a twitch of my thumb an intense pain shots through me.

I push through it, moving my fingers through the pain. Waiting a moment later could worsen the condition.

"Hey, Vincenzo's here to see you." Everett said walking into the room.

I jumped up, Vincenzo completely abandoned me here.
No calls, no messages, no visits.
I walked to the kitchen, breakfast was on the table but Susan seemed to have disappeared to prepare for work.

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