Being His

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When we arrived home that night, Vincenzo presented me with tiramisu, he explained it was my present for going to school as he'd told me to.

As I ate in silence, he took a shower, and then he left.
He was dressed in a half white & black formal shirt. He put on a short gold chain and black slacks, a gold belt, gold wrist watch, and oxfords.

"I'll be home at 10." He says and I look at the time on my phone 7:25.
"If you have time, please prep food for tomorrow. I have a couple lectures so I will need help with lunch and dinner." He says, taking a luxurious black woal coat out of the coat closet.

I wrapped a towel around myself, the guilt I felt emphasizing the shivers from cold that went through me.
"You did a really fucked up thing." I told myself in the mirror, and then felt immediately upset.
"He hurts people, he could be responsible for a missing girl, for several deaths. He could very well be the mongerary killer for god's sake. Invading the privacy of a normal feeling boy, that's bad that's horrible and fucked, but invading the privacy of a possible serial killer should just be considered prowling for justice." I said to myself, glaring at myself in the mirror.

"He seemed so sad in his writing, and then he said he felt like killing himself, not even to mention his mom dying,and vienna saying all those things about her being mentally ill. not even to mention his father never getting in touch with him. God, if I was Vincenzo I'd be destroyed." I said to myself in my head this time.  These self reflection conversations are conversations I used to share with Serena.

"He might be destroyed already."

"But Sara, think about this logically, would the CIA knowing Vincenzo was a threat to people around him and just allow him to trot around unsupervised. They know literally everything, so they must know that Vincenzo isn't a danger to his environment. I mean, logically speaking, Vincenzo had to be around 13 when he drew those pictures. There's no way a 13 year old could subdue and mutilate women. And Vincenzo didn't become a hitman till he was 16. He did say they were just the drawings of a heavily medicated kid, and he's mentioned having dark thoughts, what if he's telling the truth and I am just being an idiot."

Hearing myself say all the thoughts that had been running through my mind at lightning speed mad me realize that I'm a certifiable dumbass.

I mean why was I worried that Vincenzo was involved in the disappearance of laquaisha Washington, she's apparently alive and safe and attempting to testify against her boyfriend who was much older than her and Vincenzo. And Geraldine Awoh, While her disappearance is extremely frightening and saddening. It's an everyday occurrence in most parts of the world.

Woman get snatched up with not even a footprint left behind, indigenous and black women especially.

So what did that have to do with Vincenzo exactly. He even volunteered to help look for her, why am I assuming the worst of him?

The only thing I cannot explain away is Hera. Hera, Vincenzo's once best friend later product for purchasing.
That is where all of this began.
I have to ask him about it and put this to rest.

Deep inside I'm positive that Vincenzo had nothing to do with anything going on right now. It's easy to pin him because he's different, it's always been like that and I cannot fault him for it like everyone else will.

I found a pack of expensive looking single blade razors and made quick work of exfoliating and shaving myself. the razor slid up my legs and left behind nothing but smooth skin.

i usually just waxed my legs at home but the machine and wax beans were at home. after i made myself hairless, and then i washed every other part of myself before drying off. I walked back to the bedroom after putting on my lotion and deodorant.

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