See no evil

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I sat in the car, chewing my nails anxiously.
"Nadia?" I asked, and the redhead with high tech binoculars turned to me.
"what?" She asked, putting the binoculars down.
"they're gonna be okay right?" I asked, needing some reassurance as my blood spiked, shooting pain all over my body from feeling panic.

"Vincenzo's going to be fine, and the question is will the little boy. He's known for saving his ass first. That's why they partnered us two together; we both abandon sinking ships. He's so cruel. It's so hot."

My panicking god is worse until I saw Everett on the other side of the street holding papers in his hands.
My breath got caught in my throat, rendering me speechless.
" let's go get him-" I pointed to Everett.
Nadia ignores my direction.
"protocol, take care of the car. Demands that the car and it's passengers remain as is until its deactivated."

She couldn't think I'd sit and relax when Everett was in a neighborhood he'd never been before, scared for himself and his friend.
I did it without fully thinking about the implications.

I quickly unbuckled my belt buckle and buckled it to its farthest hole. I placed my hand on the manual seat, adjuster on the floor of the car. I waited until Nadia put her binoculars back on, and her body was leaning against the car seat. I put the belt over her head and car seat. I quickly pulled it down to her arms and moved the belt buckle until it was at its tightest hole. I yanked the seat adjuster before her fingers could touch her gun.
"Sorry, sorry... You left me with no choice."

She growls at me.
The look in her eyes as she shakes violently trying to free herself meant if she managed to get free, it was over for me.

If she got out of this before Vincenzo came, I was dead for sure. There may have been a doubt that she'd kill me before, but now I knew for sure that would kill me.

I leaned over her despite her growling and shaking, pushing my whole body forward to reach the controls on the side of the car.
Pushing off the child locks, I opened the door, slamming it shut before I began running towards Everett. There was a gunshot so loud that there was no way it wasn't coming from this neighborhood.

I grabbed Everett as soon as I got to him, pulling him to a giant tree near the house. The second gunshot was so close I heard the bullet bounce off the road. Everett gasped, and I covered his mouth.
"look, " he said, pointing to the side of the house.
"that's her window," he said, pointing to a small basement window.
"do you not hear that?! We're being shot at."
"We came all this way. We have to save her."

Everett got out of my hold and ran to the window when I tried to follow I heard another gunshot rendering me motionless.
I could only watch as Everett bent over, trying to look into the window.
He turned to me a big smile on his face.
"She's in here," he said, and I nodded.
"come back- let's wait for Vincenzo."
"wait- let me talk to her." he started knocking on the window, he noticed something, and his expression changed.

I crouched down, praying that I wouldn't get shot at. I crabbed walked halfway to him before the window is pulled up. Everett's eyes widened before a hairy muscular hand grabs his sweatshirt, pulling him into the house.

I stilled, eyes wide in his disbelief as I heard him try to scream.
His voice muffled, probably by a hand on his face.

"you come again now if you don't sell out. I'll buy all you got. Gotta help the young ones." the woman said, waving at Vincenzo, who waved back ecstatically.
"Thank you, ma'am. He was losing hope."
"Happy to help."

Vincenzo turns towards me, and his eyes meet my panicked ones for a second. His smile dropped, but he pretends he doesn't notice anything out of the ordinary.
He walks until he's at the sidewalk, he takes out his phone, pretending to be waiting for Nadia.

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