Vincenzo 2

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Vincenzo places his keycard at the door and the gates of Dante opened.

It's passed 11 and he'd purposely let time fly. He knew that the man who invited him would be vexed by his decision but Vincenzo despises people who attempt  to assert dominance over him the most.

He doesn't try to be the most powerful person in a room, for the most part he takes charge of his own space and others only when it's absolutely necessary.
He however will never let someone else dictate his actions.

Besides, Cindy Clair would just be getting into her shift now and Vincenzo only ever came to this grimy place to see her.

Dante's was a recreation of what some middle aged incel assumed Hell would be like.

All things aside from murder and children are allowed here. Their terms for what a child was very loose.

Vincenzo once witness a man beating his girlfriend here, in the middle of the bar, without anyone so much as lifting a brow.
He's seen someone be scalped,
Someone buy a quarter pound of meth.

All the worst parts of human nature was huddled up in one place and Dante's was that place.

"Hey handsome." Cindy Clair walked into the room. She's wearing nothing but a dark corset that shape her breast in the low light setting. Cindy was a blonde with hair down to her waist, with big blue eyes and a round nose. The kind of girl you'd see on a teen girl's magazine cover rather than a seedy place like this.

But Vincenzo supposed that's where her power comes from.
She has bruises on her neck and on her long thin legs.
"If you'd come yesterday, we would be matching." Cindy said referring to Vincenzo's eye. Her hands drift to Vincenzo's eye.

"Who hurt you?" She asked, leaning forward to inspect him. Vincenzo lifts his hand to her own.
"I took care of it." He says, pushing her hand away from him, and her breast out of his line of vision.

"I missed you." She said voice lithe and hypnotizing.
"Did you miss me?" She asked and when Vincenzo doesn't answer she looks down to check for herself. She places a hand in front of Vincenzo's pants, expecting to feel him harden under her palm like many times before but he disappoints her.

Her face falls but she quickly recovers, disappointed eyes growing bright with new motivations.
"I can make you miss me." She says placing her hands on Vincenzo's thighs, rubbing them before slowly lowering herself down between his thighs.

Vincenzo liked the idea of Cindy Clair, liked it a lot. He tips her big and he knows that's why she clings to him Everytime he comes to this place but Vincenzo doesn't mind acting. He enjoys her desperation, inhales it deeply with her cherry and  smoked vanilla shampoo wafting off her hair.

"Fuck off." Red appeared in front of Vincenzo's table. Red is a very tall man, with a body ripped with muscles. He was also the palest man Vincenzo had ever seen with striking black hair.

When Vincenzo was younger, his old mother used to tell him about a type of creatures called soul eaters. They were a type of demons who broke the rules of hell. Demons who didn't trade souls or pursue souls, instead they attacked and devoured humans, essence and all.

They were tall grey toned beings with long arms and even longer legs with red veins running up to their hollow eyes. Or at least that's the impression Vincenzo got from his mother's drawings.

Red looks like that.

When Cindy hesistates, he grabs her shoulder- Vincenzo puts his hand against Red's cold ones and the man pulls his hand away, as if the contact stained him.

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