The narrative

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After the police interview, the school said My father had to pick me up from the police station.
The school nurse stayed with me for 3 hours in the waiting room before he showed up.

"I'm so sorry." He says, sending a sympathetic smile to the big woman.
"You should be ashamed of yourself Mr. Efe, when someone calls you and says your child is at the police station, for whatever reason you get here. I sat here for 3 hours wondering how far away you must work, and what kind of job you must have for you to be able to give me any excuse and I've come up with none." The woman said, grabbing her purse and walking towards the door.

"Please call Dr Rema, the school will cover the expenses for as long as you'll need them, okay?"

She'd been talking to me about a therapist, someone I could talk to about this, about what I saw.

I walked out, following my heavy father's footsteps.
"You see how you embarrass me." Is the first thing he says as I sit down.
When I don't reply he lets out a grumble.

"Why are you here?" He questioned, I was surprised at his confidence in me.
If he thought I had done something wrong, he would've accused me of many things himself first.

"I found a dead body." I said looking down at my hand.
I was completely numb inside, completely surprised that I could still move.
"What?!" He exclaims.
"Geraldine Awoh, she was in the basement."

"What was she doing there?" He asked and I shrugged.
"How'd she get there?"
"I don't know. She just was."

"Are you involved in-"
"in what?" I asked facing him.

"Never mind- are you in trouble?"
"For finding a dead body.. no." I said unsure looking out the window once more.

My phone vibrated on my lap, I picked it up to see Vincenzo's name, along with 2 other missed calls from him when school ended. There were a plethora of missed calls from my friends.

"Going home with your dad?" His voice asked me and I shuddered.
"Yeah, how'd you know?" I asked, "should I come pick you up?" He asked and my heart ached because I wanted to be held very badly and I knew I wasn't going to get that with my father.

But going to Vincenzo right now would bring back the corpses I was running away from this morning as well.

"Okay Bambi, I'm coming."

Everrett comes into the room as soon as We get home and I dash up the stairs.

He hugs me tightly covering my cheek with wild curls.

"what happened to your hand?" he asked and I looked down at my hand in the cast.

"I fell, hurt my wrist." I lie, cooly.

"does it hurt?" he asked and I shook my head.

"it's mostly just numb."

like me.

He's quiet for a second and then he moves to my bed.

"everyone was talking about it at school." he said taking a seat on the bed. the bed sheets have been changed from the time that I was here.

I sat down besides him.

then he starts crying, it's quiet at first and then it takes me by surprise.

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