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"Sorry, I'm on the phone with my professor." He said waving before pointing to his AirPod.

"Are you guys fighting?" Vienna asked and I shook my head. "There's no u-"
"Is it because of me?, I'm so sorry Sara."
"Remember when we were in like 9 grade and I told you not everything revolves around you?"
"Yeah...?" Vienna said expecting more.
"Nope. That's it... that's all."

Vienna then started whispering in my ear.
"Look you can tell me about the problems with you and my brother. I'll just pretend that I'm Daniel's sister, you're me and Vin is Daniel." Vienna said and I shot her a look.
"How does that make things better?"
"Well because if I were Daniel's sister.. I'd really want me to be dating Daniel."
"I can't make that sentence make sense."

"But you get what I mean right?"
"Yeah.. yeah I do.. I think."
"I want you to be happy Sara. And if that's with a guy with a man bun then that's all you."

It's too bad her permission means nothing now that I've settled on the fact that her brother was an actual demonic entity.
"Can we get food?" Vienna asked after poking Vincenzo's thigh.
"Mom doesn't want you eating as much fast food as you already do. She made lunch."
"B-but.. Sara's hungry too." Vienna said and I shut my eyes tight wondering why Vienna's spirit hated my own.

"She can join us for lunch then." Vincenzo said and Vienna turned to me and made a gagging expression.
"You know girls only date older guys so they can buy them things. She's going to dump you if you can't even buy her a Mcchickem."

I choked, 
Vincenzo doesn't say anything but he doesn't give in much to Vienna's whining.
We pulled up to the house.

Vincenzo's younger sisters 4 year old Vera and 7 year old Virginia were sitting on the flowery stairway while their father sat on the porch reading a magazine.

Vienna almost pushes me out the car to run to the two cuties.
They giggle cutely as she squeezes them.
The older one waves at me and then runs towards Vincenzo who lifts her off the floor.
"Hi ss-aria ." Vera said her finger in her mouth as Vienna kisses her chubby cheeks.
"Did you buy me anything?" Virginia asked her brother who pulls out a skittles from his pocket.

"You got her a candy?" Vienna gasped and Vincenzo doesn't acknowledge her. Patting his younger sister's hair.
"Did you make any friends?"
"No everyone was so mean this year, even when I tried to use my cuteness, it didn't work." Virginia said as her brother carried her in.

"Beauty isn't valued by all. If beauty doesn't work, money will.. if money doesn't you have to go overdrive and into morality."

Vincenzo was teaching his younger sister how to manipulate people at the very young age of 7.

"Wow.. you're so smart Vince I'll bring cookies next time. Will you help me bake them?" She asked as he carries her up the stairs and into the house.
"We'll see."

He greeted his dad who winked at him and held his hand for a longer period than usual before making a funny face and winking again.
Vincenzo stares at him blankly before using his other hand to remove his father's hand from his own.

"You get me!, we're on the same page. I was so scared for you." His father yelled after him.

Vienna turns to me.
"... Sorry, everyone kind of knows." Vienna said and I wanted to cry. I was going to have to break up with Vincenzo even though we weren't really dating and it was going to effect my relationship with his parents which was like  20% of the reason I get up in the morning.

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