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Everett ran to his room the minute we got home. Vincenzo lifted me and carried me into the house, and up to my room, he set me on to my bed, and I was humiliated remembering the scene from earlier.

"I can't believe I almost had a bullet in me," I said, looking at where the bullet gazed me. It was only because I was still high on adrenaline from what happened earlier.
"You should've stayed in the car." He said calmly.

I couldn't help but be a little hurt that he didn't seem all that much concerned about the wound.

"thank you," I said, he says nothing.
"for today. If you weren't there, me and Everett's kidney would've been on the black market somewhere."
"hearts are more valuable," he said, there was a dullness in his eyes and his voice that wasn't there before.

"that's unsettling," I said awkwardly. He hums,
"not for the buyer or seller." He said before walking towards my dress dresser. Pulling drawer after drawer.
"what're you looking for?" I asked.
He pulls up pink panties to his face.
"pretty," he said, and my whole body burned.

"Should I send nadia the link?" I said, and he turns to me, a small smile on his face.
"jealousy finally kicking in?"
"I'm not jealous. She seems like a nutjob. She's befitting." I said attitude all too obvious in my tone.

His eyes narrowed at me as if he was warning me, but he says nothing. Going back to what he was looking for. Thankfully I've always been super organized and didn't have to worry about embarrassment from my privacy being invaded the way it was.

"You think I'm as unbalanced mentally?" he says, suddenly taking my attention away from his back.
"hmm?" I asked, not quite catching his words.
" you said Nadia and I belong together because she's a 'nutjob,'" he said back still facing me.
"I didn't mean it as like an insult. I mean, you saved us out there, and if the girl chooses to report it, then you would've saved even more people." I said, wondering why he was asking such a question.

"I never asked how you meant it," he said, and I was getting even more confused.
He pulls out a first aid box from the bottom drawer.
I was shocked to see it. Vienna's mother had given it to me so long ago, and I'd tucked it away. I only retrieved it whenever I had cheerleading injuries in the past.

"how'd you know-"
He says nothing as he walks towards me. Long thick fingers around the box.
"I don't think you're crazy-"
He unties my sneakers on my injured foot.
"I'm sorry." I said quietly, suddenly feeling guilty. "you have nothing to apologize for."
"I missed you, and you showed up with her. I was childish. I'm sorry."
"must I always repeat myself with you? " he said gently, lifting my injured leg over to his lap.
"no. I'm sorry."

We sat there in silence; he began cleaning around the wound first.
I couldn't help but admire how handsome he was.
He placed a small cotton swap over the open cut, and I winced jerking my leg out of his hand and, in the process hurting myself more.

"what do you mean when you say you're hungry? you ate that night too." I told remembering our late night at Wendy's.
"I need to eat in large quantities after a kill to suppress the need to kill again. This job isn't as satisfying as my old job. Before I could kill anyway I wanted, now I can only use the guns assigned to me." Vincenzo said, looking at his hands.

"So you want to kill someone else now?" I asked watching his lips move as he spoke.
"It's an addiction, it's easy for me to think one hit is enough." Vincenzo said. "it's never enough"

I'd watch enough murder documentaries to take him seriously. It's never just one kill.
"I can make you something, you don't have to go to the hotel." I said, remember the king crab legs in the fridge. I don't even know if he likes seafood. I didn't know a lot about him.

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