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Vincenzo washes me gently and appeared medicated lotion to my purple parts and then he laid me on the bed and laid right besides me.

My vision was blurry as he looked at me, sending long fingers to play with my ear.
"You're so cute." He says and I'm mostly too out of it to respond as he pulls my naked body in for a cuddle.

"My hair's wet and old." I said and Vincenzo started to sit up probably to look for a towel.
"It's okay-" I said in a daze.
"Okay, what do you mean your hair is old."
"My braids are like two months old I have to get them redone."
"how much is that?"

My eyelids just got heavier, I tried to speak but no words came out.

I got in the shower but I didn't really want to shower. I just sat on the floor as a high powered shower sprayed my body until I felt like I couldn't breathe.

I can't really breathe.

"You're going to run late for school if you stay in there a moment later." Vincenzo said, his voice drawing me out of my daze. I showered slowly, washing the sore parts of myself even slower.

When I got back into the room Vincenzo wasn't there so I got dressed in silence.

"Breakfast." Vincenzo announces at the freshly cut fruit and wafers.
"Woke up late." He explains as I eat.
"Busy night?"
"You tell me, how's your ass?" He asked and I looked down.
That was a dangerous game and the heat flooding my face meant that I lost.

He walks to the kitchen and comes back with a cvs pharmacy bag.
He pulls out a plan B pack and it makes me shiver at the realization that I had forgotten.
"You should take it after breakfast." He instructed.
"Thank you."
I've never swallowed anything quicker.

The drive to my school is long and quiet. Vincenzo never plays music or listens to the radio and I didn't want to be rude and request it.

He kisses me goodbye and I wished I could follow him as I see him pull out of the parking lot.

Serena didn't even look at me in the classes we shared and kin firmly stood by her side. Not greeting or bothering to text me.
Which I guess I understand but made me feel really sad.

I sat at the library, doing my homework for previous classes, not worrying about lunch.
Vienna jogs into the room.
"Hey, I was looking for you everywhere." Vienna says and the library shushes her.

"I'm here." I said taking my earphones out.
"I see that, but lunch is over there." She whispers pointing to the other side of the building.
"Not hungry." I said, and Vienna took a seat on the other side of me.
"Okay...So you've been crashing with Vince at my uncle's."
"Yeah Vienna." I'm exhausted, and I really would much rather not deal with this right now.

"Oh." She says as if she didn't know before asking.

"Why?" She asked and I shrugged.
"I got kicked out."
"Okay.. so why didn't you tell me?" She asked and I shrugged once more.
"I didn't really think to."
"I get new shoes and I think to share it with you."
"I guess we are just different people Vienna."

"You could've come to our house. We have like a shit ton of spare rooms." vienna said and it just made me feel worse.
"It's just your relationship with Vincenzo just started and you are both straining it-"
"Vienna can we have this conversation another time?, I'd really much rather hear your advice some other time."

"Uhh, okay, I guess." Vienna said before taking out her phone and attempting to sit down.

"Did you apologize to Serena?"
"Why not?"
"She doesn't wanna talk to me."
"Duh, typically when you say something mean to someone they don't wanna talk to you but you still gotta apologize."

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