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Waking up pressed against Vincenzo's naked chest with his large warm arms surrounding me had to be the best part of sleeping over at his home. I felt a smile erupt from me as he gently nudged me closer to his body.

Yesterday, after he had scared me half to death, I asked him where the bathroom was, and he had removed his hand from my neck and placed a warm kiss on my forehead before leading me over to his bedroom.

"there's one in the living room there, but you should get used to us sharing a bathroom," he said, motioning to a large dark door in his bedroom. He slapped my ass as I walked past him. Causing me to yelp and then cover my mouth.

"Sorry, I've wanted to do that for a while.."

While I used the bathroom, he prepared a really delicious creamy bacon and chicken pasta, and we shared his glass of white wine, and then washed the dishes as I asked him some questions.

" do you like it when people call you vincent?" I asked, pouring myself another glass of wine. Vincenzo had promised there was not a lot of actual alcohol in it. "I don't really mind it; it's no different than when people call me Vince' Vin. My grandfather used to call me Enzo even. I don't really mind what name you call me actually; if you're referring to me, I will most likely answer you."

"is Sara your birth name? I've always wondered." Vincenzo asked, and I shrugged. "kinda, Sara was my middle name, but my mom wanted me to fit in, so she switched it around on my traveling documents and my birth certificate. But I went my whole life beforehand being called Isioma. now I only hear it when my father is shouting at me."

"hmmm, speaking of your father, what do you plan on doing about that?"

"I feel as though moving here would be too irresponsible." Sara said- "besides, Serena already talked to her mom. She said she'd be happy to host me until my father feels guilty and comes to apologize, which probably won't take more than a week."

"what? you don't think I can take care of you?" Vincenzo quips. "it's just couples fight and stuff, and if I'm in your space, you could kick me out, and then I'll have to worry about the fight and homelessness." I said, sucking in my bottom lip afterward. Plus, Serena would absolutely murder me if she found out I move in with you without even going on a second date.
"I can take care of you, Sara." Vincenzo's feel voice rolls through me and engulfs me in warmth.
"I just think it's irresponsible, you know.." I reiterated.
"If thinking is holding you back, then just don't think."

It seemed like a statement he said as a joke, but the look in his eyes, the dark, determined look, makes me think he wasn't joking.

Now pressed against his warm chest in his king-size bed, staring up at his high ceiling makes me never want to return to my cold empty one.

I sat up, realizing why I had woken up at this time.

"Vin," I said quietly, patting his chest. I let my leg slip between his own, brushing over his very alert member.
"Mhmm." He mumbles, and I look up at him as he slowly opens one eye and scrunched up his nose. He looks so utterly adorable that I almost let him fall back asleep.
"I have to get to school," I explained, getting the covers off me. I would be behind in my school work, more than I already was if I waited another day. I was feeling more than up to the task now, having rested comfortably in Vincenzo's strong arms.

Besides, I miss my best friends so much. I felt like another moment away from them would reduce me to a puddle of goo.

"Alright, all I'm getting up now," Vincenzo whispered, voice hoarse with sleep. He shoots up a moment later, nearly bumping into me.
"There's an extra toothbrush in the cabinet under the sink. You can still wear a white collared shirt to school, right?" He turns to me, squinting a little.

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