In the beginning

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Vincenzo Lockwood,

A mystery to all who know of him.

Here's what I know.

Vincenzo is 22 years old, just finishing up a bachelor's degree at a state university.

He got into a bunch of prestigious colleges that his parents applied for because of his incredibly high SAT scores and sports accomplishments but refused to go to all of them.

He's a shut-in, never really leaves his room for anything but school.

He played baseball and football in high school. He didn't have any friends and didn't have any pictures anywhere at school, just trophies with his name embedded with the rest of the team members.

He and Vienna don't talk much anymore.

Possibly speaks Russian, German and Japanese?.

Never brought a girl home either.

"Dude snap out of it, I legit brought you here so that you could help me not get distracted." Vienna, my best friend, said, snapping her fingers in my face.
"Huh?" I asked, dazed still.

Keys jiggled at the Mahoney door.

My heart surged in my chest, Vienna's mother and her younger sisters were taking a nap, and her father didn't return home until around midnight that could only leave him.

The door cracks open, and the tall model-like man walks inside. His long black hair tied half-heartedly behind him. He had a muscular slender built, he wasn't bulky, but you could see his muscle definition. He was wearing a long dark coat with skinny black jeans and a white t-shirt with combat boots.

He had a gym bag he held over his shoulder.
"Welcome home," Vienna said, looking over to him before returning her gaze to the textbook in front of her.
Vincenzo hummed in acknowledgment.

"Greet him," Vienna whispered, poking my side.

"He never says hey back," I said, wanting nothing more than to get into a fetus position at all the times I said hello, and he said nothing back.

"He never hears you. Say hello now and see if he won't say anything back." Vienna said, and I tried to build up some courage.

"H-Hi," I said, shyly expecting nothing in return.
"Hello," He said, his voice deep and full.
"Told you." Vienna mouthed.

Vienna knew I was afraid of her brother, but she didn't realize that it was because I had heart eyes for him.

I would tell her if she was the type who would be chilled about something like this, but she has expressed in the past how much she hated the idea of one of her friends dating her elder brother.

even saying one of her friends had tried to get with him a year early, and she had immediately cut her off.

Saying it was gross and against the principle.

Keeping a crush away from your best friend of 6 years is very, very difficult. But it's the job I applied for.

My heart started beating so fast I thought I was going to pass out.

"Vienna, follow me." He said to his younger sister, who gets up and walks to the stairway, where he stood next to the door.

I tried to pay attention to the textbook in front of me, but all I could do was imagine him and me together. His long slender hands are caressing my cheek as he leaned in for a kiss. His body pressed against mine, running my fingers through his voluminous back-length hair.

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