Take care of the car.

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All 3 hours were him fighting Nadia off.
He was rude to her, even left her in the car when we stopped to get food and gas.
It felt as if he was a completely different person.

But Nadia didn't seem to mind. It was like he said something and she heard something else.
It was upsetting Everett, I could tell by the way he refused to make eye contact with Vincenzo in the side view mirror.

Nadia chewed on a burger that Vincenzo had brought in for her.
"I don't get it. Are you two dating or?" Everett said. "You're so mean to her."
He wanted to know the context of their odd behavior.
"Yeah, Vinny, you're so mean," Nadia whined, and I met eyes with Vincenzo in the rearview mirror before I turned away.

Vincenzo says nothing, and Nadia giggles in her seat. Burger in hand.
"Vincenzo has feelings for me. He refuses to admit them because he's been hurt in the past."

"Is that true?" Everett asked Vincenzo, but he turned to look at me.
"He's always been guarded like that. My puppy is insecure." She said, pouting and grabbing Vincenzo's jaw.
Was Vincenzo even capable of self-doubt?
Vincenzo says nothing, letting her turn his face around with her long black nails.

"But I love him. I love him with my whole heart, what can I do?." Nadia said she grabs his body taking his hands and frame away from the wheel.
The car swerves.
Everett grabs into my arm in fear.
Vincenzo stops at the side of the road.
"Get out." He said to Nadia, trying to catch his breath.
"Did I make your heart Ache again?" She asked innocently, and Vincenzo glares at her.
I'd never seen him angry before.

I assumed he wasn't even capable of it.
But the way he was looking at her like he was moments away from twisting her neck was evident that anger was a possible feeling for him.

He pushed open his door attempting to get out. Nadia flings her door open and hops out.
"Want me to meet you there?" She asked, and Vincenzo shakes his head.
"Go home. I've had enough of you this month."

He pulls back into the road and drives off.
"You can't just leave her there! that's not safe."

"She'll be fine. The living thing that tries to endanger her is the one you should be worried about." Vincenzo said hand still on his heart.
"Even still, you can't just leave girls on the side of the road like that." Everett turned around looking for her, Nadia waved at him excitedly.

Vincenzo stopped the car, and the sound of Nadia's high heels could be heard hitting the road at a running pace.
She opens the door and gets back in.
"You lost your speaking privileges; I don't want to hear a single sound from you for the rest of this trip. Am I understood?" Vincenzo commanded obedience in the way he spoke.
Everett froze, and it seemed the same cold air that hit him hit me too; it just turned uncomfortably hot in seconds for me.

Nadia nodded, staring down at her hands in embarrassment.
" Good." he said, his darken eyes meeting mine for a second. I turned away, feeling the already smothering heat in my stomach rise in temperature.
"What an asshole." Everett whispered, laying his head on my shoulder.
"I don't think you should date him." Everett whispered again this time more sternly.
" I don't think I should either."

We got to the location that Everett had found on the Find my iPhone app that he'd somehow gained access into.
We were in front of an ancient house in a terrible looking neighborhood. The porch of the house was a complete mess, trash, and the fallen wooden pieces of the house scattered everywhere. In front of it, closer to an old broken wire fence, was a plethora of inflatable animals.

Everett jumped out of the car almost immediately, and before I could get out and follow him, I heard the child locks click.
"stay in the car." Vincenzo said as both he and Nadia hopped out of the vehicle.
Both of them slamming the car door shut before I could even protest.

I saw Everett talking to them; he rushed to the car, and Vincenzo unlocked it.
I put down the window, glaring at him.
"This is her house; the rubber ducky is hers. She takes pictures with it all the time." he said excitedly.
"Okay, let's go knock see if there's someone inside." I told you about to open the door. But before I could get out, the door was locked again.
"Vincenzo, open the door."
"This isn't a good neighborhood. We should turn around. Call for help." Vincenzo said, his voice emulated a panic that didn't meet his cold eyes. Nadia turned around as If she was scanning the whole neighborhood. Trying to copy everything in it into her memory.
"no! We came all this way." Everett cried," we can't leave without at least seeing her." he said, and I sighed.

"Why don't we go and come back with the police-" I tried to reason with him, but he looked like he was moments away from stomping his feet.
" I already told you that she wouldn't talk to the police even if they came." he snapped.

At least the short-tempered-ness wasn't a curse for me to bear alone.

We all just stood there for a moment.

It happened so quick while both Vincenzo and Nadia had their backs turned.
Everett turned around and spirited to the front door.
He pounds on the door before Vincenzo can grab and carry him up and off of it.
The door swings open.

There's an obese woman in a flowery sundress at the door. She had sharp thin eyebrows, small beady eyes, a tiny nose with thin lips to match. She was suffering from a severe acne outbreak, all the marks on her face red and irritated.
I saw Nadia nonchalantly stick her pinky finger to her side, clearly some sign to Vincenzo.


the accent that came out of Vincenzo's mouth was so southern that I almost couldn't understand it.
"we' ah sorry to bother you, ma'am. The boy has a fundraiser for school. Keeps insisting we stop at every house."
"Oh?" she asked, small eyes squinting. "whats he sellin'?" she asks suspiciously.
"candy, cookies, anytin' sweet. You know." Vincenzo said, and I wanted to laugh so bad. Even though there was so much tension in the air.

"you doing fundraising with a car like that?" she asked, gesturing to the vehicle.
"its a rental, we thought if we brought a nice car, folks would take us more serious."
"alright then, I'll like to buy. C'mon in. Show me whatchu selling." the woman's tone turned from suspicious to flirtatious in a heartbeat.

"lemme, send him to get the papers out the car." Vincenzo said, putting down Everett.
Everett is equally stunted.
"go'on now. You wanna sell, don'chu?"
He gently shoves a confused Everett towards me.
The woman opened the door for him to enter. He climbs up the stairs when he's about to enter the house he turns to Nadia.
"Mary-lin, take care of the car." were his final words before he went inside.
Nadia turns to look at the car. Her eyes and demeanor had changed entirely.

She opened the driver seat door and hopped inside. She opened the compartments searching for something. Only stopping when she gets to a folder.
She hands them to Everett.
"whats going on?" Everett asked, but instead of answering, she starts the car. A warning that he should get out.

I sat there, mouth gaped, trying to follow my brother.
"you can't go in." she said promptly.
" I can't leave him here." I said, struggling to open the locked door.
She turns to me, eyes thoroughly emotionless.
"protocol 'take care of the car' has been activated, any hindrance to this protocol will be eliminated immediately. You leave, you die."

Guys I want to do those character questions and answer things. I've always thought they were cringey, but I want to try.
But I'll only be accepting questions for Vincenzo since he's a complicated character to write and understand so.

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