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My legs run faster than I could pump air in my lungs, I've been running for what felt like forever now and my legs feel tight and stiff with discomfort at my assertion.

I slow down, turning to look behind me in the dark woods.
Vincenzo isn't there and I can't hear his footsteps.

Tears of terror stream down my face. There's a greater fear engulfing me now as I listen to the sound of cricket and birds. The idea that Vincenzo May have gone back to the car and left me here.

I don't know where to go from here and I start screaming before I could stop myself.
"Vince?" I called out, feeling  sick to my stomach at the idea that I was giving myself away to a serial killer with a knife.


I hear leaves ruffle and then I see the glint of the knife reflected by the moonlight.

I turn around and begin sprinting again.

Huff.. Huff .. huff

My stride is long and breathing isn't so hard for me because of my previous track career.
But I had no clue where I'm going.

It makes me stop for a second, I'm getting deeper and deeper into the woods without knowing my way back.

I look around for trail flags, there were lots of different trails that passed through these woods, if I could find one, I could follow it to- to where?

Where am I going to go?
Am I supposed to go to the police?

I felt a hush of wind hit my exposed skin. Any area of my skin that didn't have goosebumps developed them.

"What are you doing here isioma?" i could practically see my mother's face emerging from the darkness.
"Look how far you've strayed from God's arms." My mother said. Her tall slender body walking out of the darkness.

"YOU LEFT ME." I cried as the cold penetrated my skin.
"Don't you dare! how dare you act as if I'm to blame for this? This cowardliness, this complete sham! This anarchy."

I spin around in the forest, my skin becoming numb in the cold.
"You left me."
"Sara... you were chasing after him before I died. You do not get to play this card."

"I can't be left alone, I can't."
"Yes, I understand that more than anyone but why him?"
"I love him." I say my heart filling up with memories of our time in the library, on the beaches... indoors watching rain drops slide down the glass doors.

His kisses, his warmth... the way he smells in the crook of his neck.
When he smiles, or when his eyes get soft.

"I love him." I repeat.
"Who's supposed to believe that?" My mother asked.
"I love him!, I do." I insisted, tears streaming down my face.

"I love him." I said through gritted teeth. Why else would I be going through all this?
"I love him."
"Sara... tell the truth, you think he won't leave, you know he has nothing to run to. You think you're special because you know him... well this is what you get-"

The vision of my mother disappears and Vincenzo appears, his shaggy curls covering his heavily lidded eyes.

A loud scream leaves my lips and once again and I'm turning into the forest. Tears stream down my face as I dashed, fighting against the wind to go faster.

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