More dangerous than bees and dogs

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The next day I was bombarded by text and missed calls. Most of them were furious text and multiple calls from Vienna, accusing me of missing the birthday she meticulously planned for me.

Other text were from Serena and Kin from our group chat, all too curious about what happened with Vincenzo.

Just as I was going to reply a call came through.

"HOW'D IT GO SWEETIE?" Serena asked and I felt my body go stiff at the memories from last night.
"I almost died." I said breathlessly and Serena squealed.
"That sounds like good news" Kin said and I almost jumped not realizing he was on the line as well.
"Um he accepted my feelings?" I said not knowing what exactly that means.

"Don't tell me He was one of those assholes that just say 'okay' after a confession." Kin said and I scratched my head unsure of what it meant myself.

"Guys, in kdramas, when a guy accepts the confession it means he likes you back and wants to go out." Serena said with a squeal.

Her comment reminds me of what Vincenzo said.

"I don't date pretty girls" his voice rang through my ears.

I remembered now that he'd called me pretty before.

"They won't hurt you, they don't hurt pretty girls who go to church and celebrate their birthdays."

But back then it didn't seem like it was a compliment either.

"He called me pretty." I said into the phone as my two friends started screaming, clearly very happy for me.
"You guys are so dating." Serena said and Kin laughs.

"Did he give you his number-" Kin asked but I interrupted.
"I already have his number"
"Since when?"

"I used to take classes at his school so his mom forced him to pick me up sometimes before going home. He used to call me and ask to see if our schedules paired up."

"Your college boyfriend used to drive you to and from school, best Kdrama ever." Serena said and Kin scoffed.

"His truck is too so like not an aesthetic, why does a 20 something year old who doesn't work for construction have a pick up truck anyways."

"Probably for carrying all the dead bodies." I muttered under my breath.

"What?" Kin asked and I shook my head.
"Are you shaking your head you loser?." Kin said and my eyes widened.
"How'd you know?"
"I know your dumbass. You just love doing dumbass things."

"I'm not a dumb ass." I whined making Kin and Serena coo at me.
"Our baby bunny." They said in unison.

"Guys am I pretty?" I asked and Kin snorted.
"Yes My Nigerian queen who needs constant affirmation." Serena said.

"I don't need constant affirmation, just the daily compliment."  I said rolling my eyes.

"You are pretty Sara, almost as pretty as solange." Kin said.
"Can being pretty be bad?" I asked ignoring his comment.

"Sometimes ugly people assume pretty people are stuck up. Why?" Kin answers.
"Am I stuck up?" I asked and Kin laughs.
"Everyone thinks you are because of your grades but you smile a lot so I think people can tell you're just hardworking not stuck up."

"So the key to not being stuck up is smiling?"
"It's more so about the aura behind your smile, I think." Kin said and I almost face palmed.
"Guys none of the words coming out of your mouths are making any sense in the order you're putting them in." I whined, feeling frustrated.

"Sure but if your English teacher gave you this same question in a prompt you would've answered it but okay... do your thing I guess."

"I'm hanging up."
"Be a basic bitch then." I heard Kin say before I hung up.

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