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I walked to the furthest corner of my room.
My hands and knees trembling.
"I told you to come down." He said, his voice with a hidden edge.
"Please leave Vin-"
"I'm sorry about what happened last night."
"I don't want to hear it." I said "I just want you to go away."

"Why are you so afraid Sara? I'm not going to hurt you" He didn't sound sincere at all but some idiotic part of me believed him.
"I haven't hurt you so far have I?, I'm not going to start now." He said dropping the gift bag down.

My blood spiked as he started walking towards me.
He lifted up a hand towards me, staring into my eyes.
"It's okay Bambi.." He said calmingly.
His eyes were so welcoming and warm.
I took his hand, his fingers wrap around my own before pulling me into him.

My eyes are planted on his chest, he wraps his other hand around my waist.
"I'm sorry.. I had no idea you'd be so afraid."
"I'm so upset with you." I said and his arms wrap around me a little tighter.
I don't return the embrace.

"Why'd you take me there?" I asked hoping he'd tell me a lie.
"If you're asking then you know why."

I pulled away from him, tears welling up. My face felt uncomfortably hot. It felt like I was melting from the inside.
"I don't want to see you anymore. D-Don't show up in front of me anymore." I staggered through my sentence.
"You enjoyed it.. I don't know what the problem is." He said and I turned away from him.

"You took me out to cover up on a murder you had to commit.... do you think it matters what happened before that?"
"I didn't take you out as a cover.. I took you out because I wanted to take you out. I could've went alone-"

"Then why didn't you?!" I sobbed.
"I wanted to spent time with you."
"You're the worst. Go away." I said.
"I wouldn't have done it if it wasn't critical. I'm sorry."

"Hey- um What are you doing up here?" Everett asked and I quickly wiped my eyes.
"Dad's in the driveway so if I were you I'd be downstairs." Everett said to Vincenzo and I.

"I was just leaving." Vincenzo said walking passed Everett.

"Are you alright?"
"What does that have to do with you?!" I asked before slamming my door shut.

"WHO'S SLAMMING DOORS INSIDE MY HOUSE?!" My father yelled from downstairs.

"Damn... all I did was ask a question." I heard Everett say from outside.

I laid down on my bed and tried not to cry.

He'd taken me out for some kind of cover, I should've known. Why would he suddenly want to go out with me? I'm so delusional.

I sat up and went to grab my phone. I opened WhatsApp and began dialing my mother's phone number. It rang and rang and eventually shut off leaving me more empty than before.

I called Vienna subconsciously, whenever I felt really shitty my second escape was Vienna.

"Sara?" She asked and I hung up.
Laying back down and crying myself to sleep.

I woke up to gentle knocking at my door. It cracked open and Vienna's face came through.

"Hi..." She said faintly. I turned away from her.
I felt her arms wrap around me moments later.
Tears began streaming down my face again.
"It's okay.. cry as much as you want, I'm here with you... you won't disappear." Vienna said nuzzling into my neck.

"I'm the worst." I said sobbing into my pillow and she shushed me.
"You're not. You're not."

The next day I didn't go to school. I refused to get out of bed even when my father stormed into the room and laid out all the curses on to me.

In the afternoon, Kin and Serena stopped by. They were both surprised to find Vienna already in my bedroom.

"Hey guys.." Vienna said and they stared her down.
"She's not really feeling her best right now so you guys should go home. I'll keep you updated." Vienna said and I snuggled back into my pillow. Feeling too heavy to say anything to anyone.

" mhm.. Sara call me later okay?" I heard Kin's voice and I nodded.
"Love you babes. Get well soon." Serena said placing a kiss on my cheek.

By next week I was fine, better.
Lighter than I was before. The next day my mother called me and made me feel better almost instantly.
Vienna drove me to school and brought me coffee everyday.
She dropped me off to my first class and then disappeared into the hallway with her friends who had awkwardly followed us.

By lunch she was there with me by the vending machines where we got our nourishment since the lunch lines at public schools are a disaster.
"So I know I never asked but why were you so upset?" Vienna asked before gasping.
"Did something happened to your mom?" She asked and I shook my head.
"No her new treatment is going well, she's optimistic." I said as we sat on the top of a small staircase.
"Was it me?" She asked sadly and I shook my head.
"No.. I was just going through some internal problems."
"Do you have like depression or PTSD or something like that?" Vienna asked.
"No I don't think so. I just got upset that one time. I'm okay so don't worry about me." I said and Vienna visibly relaxed.

"I'll try."

I noticed as she looked down at her phone that from that angle she looked like her brother. Their forehead were about the same size. Her natural false lashes were about the same length as his and their nose were almost identical if it wasn't for the fact that Vincenzo's was a little bit higher. Their lips held no resemblance though, Vienna's lips were small, prettily bright  pink while Vincenzo's was a darker almost reddish pink and plump.

"What are you staring at weirdo?" Vienna asked and I shook my head bringing my pop tart back to my lips.

"Oh- shit- I completely forgot. My parents want you to come over tonight." Vienna said and I stumbled to find an excuse quick enough before she started talking.
"I have-"
"Don't say homework because they would literally never take that as an excuse."

I shrugged, What's the harm. Vincenzo was never there for any of dinner's with Vienna parents.

By the end of the day Vienna texted me.
"My dad needed my car for something. Don't worry though I found us a ride home."

It didn't even dawn in my mind that they ride that she found for us was her brother until I saw the giant truck in the middle of the parking lot.

I felt anxious standing outside of the car waiting for Vienna to get in.
I could've ran away, or made an excuse then and there but my brain was completely blank.

"You coming?" She said giving me her perfectly manicured hand.
She helps me get up into the chair.
"Hey Vinny, thanks for the ride." Vienna said and Vincenzo say nothing.

Today his hair is curly, in the bun that held it. It looks wet and he's wearing dark green Adidas sweatpants and a baggy black Long sleeve shirt which means he was coming from home.

"Sara... say something." Vienna whispered insistently into my ear until I gave up.
"Hi." I said quietly and that comes with no response for him either. I felt almost nauseous with embarrassment.

Vienna slapped his thigh, he turns to her.
"Your girlfriend said hello Vin." Vienna said glaring at him. I see the one AirPod in his ear and feel even more embarrassed.

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