This has to end

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"Hello this is detective Garrett with Elksdale PD, I believe you called the tip hotline for the mongerary case, and I wanted to return the call in case you had anything you'd like to share." The voice was coming from a man with a tired sounding voice. I felt his tiredness in my soul, I too was exhausted.

"I know who killed Geraldine awoh." i returned in a monotonous voice.

"...Well don't keep me in suspense." The dectective said, I took a deep breath and exhaled,

it's time, Sara.
This has to end.


I sat cross from Dylan with a large mocha iced coffee and next to it a large mango smoothie.
I had ordered the coffee before remembering that I couldn't have caffeine now with the baby.

It seemed a little counterproductive because of how much coffee I drank before I had even known of the baby's presence in my womb.
I tapped my foot on the floor and tried to calm my shaking hand. When Dylan walked in with his hair gelled back, wearing a suit and tie, I thought for a second I was going to faint.

The sound of his shoes hitting the floor of the cafe raised goosebumps on my skin, I suddenly felt very cold.

" Sara, Hi" he sounds like a teenager still and I hate that for a second it calms my nerves, I know now that he isn't a 19 year old freshmen in college.
His name is Ricardo Flores, he's an FBI agent who has been following the approcetine cult since a member of theirs was recently murdered by another.

At least that's what he told me.

I look down at his loafers, there was a small speck of paint on his shoes. I frown and looked at my two cups.

"you have children, right?" I asked gesturing to his shoes. He looks down and sees the speck of yellow on black shoes.
"I have a girl... her name's Tanya." The man said with a disarming smile, before pulling the chair back.

"Is this conversation being recorded?" I asked, I'd seen enough television shows to know that someone was always wearing a wire.

"No, it's not being recorded."
"Would you tell me if it was?" i asked and when he says nothing i scoffed.
"I'm not here to incriminate you in anyway.. that is unless you're somehow  responsible for any felonies."

"What you did is awful and fucked up."
"I understand-"
"No you don't, you don't understand and truthfully I'm loss for words on how to explain it to you."

"I'm going to be curt with you. as cruel as it may sound. This is my job, that's all it is and all it'll ever be." Dylan said and I couldn't even look him in the eye. He was 35, the birthday on his FBI badge had not been 2001 like it should have been.

"You think Vienna would understand that? That she'd even care that it's your job"
"If she knew it was for the sake of her safety I'm sure she'll be able to move on from it."

" is it even legal?"
"We didn't sleep together."
"But you would have"

"For the sake of the mission, yes. If that's what it takes. Vienna is above the age of consent."
"As if that makes a difference."

"Again, as shitty as it sounds legally it does."

I couldn't help the look of disgust that spread over my features. Here he was, Dylan, Vienna's boyfriend.

The guy she spent all day texting or hanging out with.
The guy she'd confessed to me under her bedsheets that she loves.

I felt like this too was my fault somehow.

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