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Vincenzo rolls us both out of bed to brush our teeth.

I fell asleep on him, fully content to drift off to sleep but he shifted us both out of the bed.
After, his arms wrap around me and his chin rest against my head and the walls of the bedroom melted into darkness.

The next morning before Vincenzo woke up, I made breakfast.
"The fridge is empty." I commented as he ate with soft sleepy eyes.
"I'll take care of it." He says, before opening his mouth for another bite of the breakfast burrito that I made.

"I can help." I said, "okay but first finish getting ready for school." He says, bringing the coffee I'd made him to his lips.
"Breakfast was delicious, thank you angel." He says and I felt a burst of cheerful feelings engulf me. He walks over to the sink to wash his dish and hands.
"Shower with me?" I asked hopefully and he turns to me. Vincenzo looks at the envelope from yesterday.
He opens a kitchen cabinet and pulls out gloves. He puts his hand through them and then he picks up the envolope and proceeds to open it.

"Um, what's going on?"
"Where'd you get this?" Vincenzo asked,
"It was on the floor outside." I replied nonchalantly, "what are the gloves for?"
"I have friends who like to play pranks." Vincenzo said, opening the envelope.

He pulled out a bare sheet of printer paper.
He looks at the paper and then he pulled out a zip lock bag and puts the paper and the envelope in before putting it in the trash.
"Don't pick things up from the floor and definitely don't open the door unless you're expecting someone. Doesn't matter who knocks or for how long, don't open the door."

"Is someone after you?"
"There's no particular individual targeting me, there are however, entire organizations whom I have been unfaithful towards that send me warnings every now and then."

Vincenzo enters the shower after I leave it. I try not to bump into things as I couldn't take my eyes off his body. The mist fogging up otherwise clear walls with only small traces of tanned skin.

Vincenzo's phone starts vibrating besides me. Nadia's name appeared on the screen. I hung up the call, almost immediately, but she calls again, and then again.
Vincenzo walks out, "Nadia?" He asked and I practically huffed.
"If you don't like her why does she hang around so much?"

"she seeks my validation for one reason or another." Vincenzo explains, picking up his phone from the night stand. He presses a kiss to my forehead and then my lips, "don't pout, it makes me wanna wrap you up under the sheets and fuck you till you cry."

I felt like my entire body vibrates under his gaze as he stood besides me and brought the phone to his ear.
"Morning Handsome!, I'm here, come outside." Nadia's accented voice said from the inside of the phone.

"Give me a minute." Vincenzo said before bring the phone down to hang up- "are you fucking her?" Nadia asked, the excited tone dropping immediately. "Can I join? promise I'll play nice this time." Nadia said voice soft and Wanna be Seductive.

I frowned at Vincenzo as he hung up.
"Why's she here?"
"I asked if she could give you a ride to school."
"Oh no, no thank you."
"I know you had a bad experience the last time you were in a car under her control but I'm going to be late for a test otherwise."

"I could call an uber or something."

"She's already here Angel, don't be inconsiderate."

The murderer is telling me to think of others.

"She said she wanted to wear my face and Then suggested you both rape me."
"Because she thinks you're pretty, which you are."
"That's not normal- when you think someone's pretty you say, 'you're pretty.' And then you go about your day. You don't hold a knife over their head and try to rape them."

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