Late night at wendy's

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What are the chances he's going to shoot me, huh? I mean, I've known him (sort of) for a very long time. It'd be too suspicious too, the both of us being absent at the same time surely that'll catch someone's attention... but then at the same time what were the chances that Vienna's quiet, the isolated brother was also a murdering murderer.

"P-please, don't kill me," I said, feeling my eyes swell up with tears.
"Calm down. I have no intention of killing you."

"T-thank y-you, I'll go now."
"Not so fast, why don't we have a little chat before you go.," he said motioning with a quick

"I'm not much of a talker.. never really been the talkative type; I'm much better as a texter, so I'll go home and then text you from there."

"Come on out of the car Sara," He said, lifting a gun to my face.
"Y-You said you weren't gonna kill me."
"Bullets don't always kill."

"Please don't shoot me-" I gushed out, feeling my stomach tighten painfully in fear.
"Why were you following me?" His voice, as usual, was calm, almost as if he hadn't caught me, catch him during the very illegal and immoral act of murder.

"Did someone send you? Who do you work for? Quickly." He said, his tone a little aggravated now at my whimpering.
"Telling me what?" He said his finger moves around the trigger, and my stomach drops.

" I like you." I let the words fall out of my mouth. Let the words I've been holding in my chest flow out of me passed my lips. I felt my whole body heat up even though there was a gun to my face. I was more nervous about confessing my feelings.

"What?" Vincenzo said with a sense of humor in his tone, almost as if it was a joke he couldn't quite grasp but could imagine its impact.

"I like it... I like you a lot," I said, shaking in fear of both rejection and murder. As I stared into the gun burrow.

The man chuckled darkly, for the first time since I met him, he'd made a sound reminiscent of a laugh.

"Even now, when you're inches from death." He asked.

"E-Even now," I said, my lungs filling up with burning air as the gun is moved and pressed into my temple.

"Then, you're more of a psycho than I am." He said before pressing something on the gun and then sticking it behind his back.

I let out the air that had been trapped inside my lungs.
Breathing heavily, I stumbled backward as I saw two black vans arrive. Men in white hazmat suits enter the house Vincenzo had just shot into.

"We have to go." He growls under his breath.

He turns around and looks at his car.
"Get in," He said, walking over to Vienna's car and opening the driver's door. "follow me." He said before I got into the car.
He slams the door shut as I started to turn on the engine I heard tapping on the window.

Shaky hands pressed the window button down, the window rolls down, and he stands there bend over to look me in the eye. His cologne whiffs into the car, filling it up with just him.

"Your phone give it to me." He said, and I reluctantly handed him my phone.

"Don't run off now, doll; I know where you sleep."

I watched him walk to his car, once he entered his car. A whole new level of fear consumed me.
I had just witnessed a murder by the hands of the only guy I've ever been interested in.

I saw him pull out of his parking, and as I was about to follow, I saw the two men walk out of the house. I was carrying someone in a body bag.

A gasp left my lips as I shifted the car into drive.

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