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Here are three things I've learnt about Vincenzo.
1: Vincenzo is Fun.
Vincenzo is fun in the way that reminds me of summer, beaches, rollercoasters and waterfalls.

2: Vincenzo writes down everything, constantly and none of it makes any sense to me.
It's in English, but the words together make no sense.

Here's an example:

December 12 Orange Party Depression Friend Pancakes
Rooftop Finn tea

3: Vincenzo has the libido of a bunny.

I'm bent over the countertop in a bright red two piece lingerie and a white shirt, he's pulled to the side to make room for himself .
Vincenzo had been shocked to see it pecking under his plain white shirt when Kim left the apartment earlier that day.

We'd woken up to her banging on the door. She'd hugged me, (we'd hung out a few times, watched a couple movies together) spoke a million words a second about losing her keys before she waddled to her room in 6 inch stilettos and with a trail of glitter following behind her.

Then she'd left moments later. However looking fresher and slightly sober but the glitter didn't seem to have completely disappeared.

I'd turned to Vincenzo who shrugged. His eyes blown at the sight of me in the dark red two piece. I had worn it under a shirt to sleep and Vincenzo had not seen it on me yet.

Vincenzo must have a panties kink because he sees me in one of them he's immediately ready to go.

I'd taken the shirt off because Vincenzo is extremely cuddly so he practically sleeps on top of me and I thought if I was under him for a moment longer,  I would pass away.

I struggled out of his grip, took off the shirt and laid besides him and in less than a moment his body was thrown over mine.

Kim had banged on the door as we left the bathroom and I had been searching for something to cover up in. Vincenzo had already seen the pretty lace was practically scoping for a peek of it under the crisp white mid thigh length shirt.

"When do you work out?" I'd asked as I chopped strawberries and bananas for a protein shake for Vincenzo.

My wrist was sprained not broken so everyday I was able to do more with it. I'd already taken the cast off and was using a thin wrist brace now.

"Whenever I can." Vincenzo says flipping over pancakes.
"I want to work out." I said, missing cheerleading practice and doing warm ups with the football team. My stomach seemed to be reflecting my new lifestyle.

For the month I've been here with Vincenzo, I've mostly been eating, reading and fucking. It's paradise but it's also taking a toll on my body.

"There's a keycard on the stand. It should unlock the gym on the first floor and the pool." Vincenzo directed, turning towards me. His eyes scanning my body, his eyes lingered on my stomach and I frowned wondering if he notice my weight gain. It wasn't that bad right?, I asked myself.

"I want us to work out together." I whined as he turned off the stove walking towards me to wrap strong arms around my waist.

Another thing I've been doing aside from eating and fucking is hanging out with Vincenzo when he's not busy and our tongues aren't down each other's throats. Vincenzo is a really fun person to hang out with, I've come to find out. He's willing to try everything and doesn't complain or get upset when he's not good at something.

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