Nadia 2

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I texted Nadia to pick me up later that day after dinner.
She was there within minutes.

"Hey handsome." Nadia said in Vincenzo's direction as he continued to slice mangoes for his smoothie.
"What are you doing here?" He asked her.
"Just taking Sara out for some fresh air."

"She didn't tell me you made plans."
"We didn't, she just texted me to pick her-"

I poked my head out of the room, looking over to Vincenzo who was now pouring the fruits into the blender.

"Hi dya, let's go." I rushed out before swinging my bag over my shoulder and running over to Nadia's side. She swings her arm around my shoulder, and my nose is suddenly invaded by the intoxicating flowery scent of her perfume.

I tried to hurry towards the door but Vincenzo's voice enters my ears.
"You're leaving" it wasn't posed as a question. Just an empty observation.
"With your school bag?" He asked eying the bag. I felt my heart drop directly to my stomach.

I had to do this right.
I had to create a rift, start a fight.

" why are you questioning every single move that I make?!" The question was reinforced by irritation and a harsh tone.

Nadia stills, her whole body freezes, and for a moment I think she may have stopped breathing.

"Are you talking to me?" Vincenzo's pleasant tone drops to a dangerous octave, his movement slow as he looks around for the blender cover.

I bite my bottom lip.
"You should rethink going anywhere tonight."  He's threatening me, that's good. He's taking the bate.

"I'm not a child Vincenzo... I'm definitely not your pet either."

I put my hand on my waist, not to reflect any particular impatience, but to stop my hand from shaking besides me.

I remember, that first night in the woods where I was sure that he was going to kill me.
The panic and-

"I don't think you're a child, Bambi. I don't think you're a pet either. But you're playing as if you were one. And I don't quite think you're prepared for what this attitude you've adapted will bring you." He says, picking up the sliver knife off the cutting board, the light from the globe on the kitchen ceiling bounces off the knife and it glistens.

I shallowed before speaking.
" I'm entitled to an attitude when you don't want to mind your own business."
Vincenzo chuckles darkly despite the humorlessness tension I created between the two of us.

"Enjoy your night." Vincenzo drones monotonously, like an automatic system while running his hand over the blade of the knife.
He looks down at his hand and I can see the beets of blood from here.
"Yeah, you too."

I drag Nadia towards the door. I grab the knob and yanked the door open, when I turn back to look at Vincenzo, he's rubbing the blood from his finger with his thumb.

Once the door is slammed behind us. The loud sound of a crash against the door and the following sound of glass shattering send a burning streak of fear through me.

We both jump, moving away from the door.

My heart beats rapidly in my chest as I hurry towards the elevator, Nadia's hand in my own.

She takes her first breath once we are down stairs but she keeps her eyes behind us the whole time as I lead her to our exit.

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