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Third point of view

when vincenzo woke up he was side by side with an unknown pair of feet in a familiar place. He could tell from the scent underneath him that this was sara's bedroom. the smell of a generic detergent brand mixed with the intoxicating smell of her perfume. he shoots up, sitting up straight and pulls his aching body over to the edge of the bed. he turns to look at the body he'd just woken up next to.

' serena mcclain, 19 years old, younger sister of the deceased sophie M-' his mind flowed with information he gather years ago when she was close to vienna.

he puts his thick boots on, snapping the belts and tying the laces. he looks up after securing his shoes. sara is laying on the floor, wrapped around by a thick comforter.

He stands and walks over to her, his long hair falling into his eyes. he brushes it back and shoves his hand into his pocket looking for his hair tie. upon requiring the item, he gathers his hair and pulls it up, tying it tightly.

he kneels down to sara's level and caresses her relaxed face. He gently picks her up and slowly moves her to the bed, careful not to wake her.

He doesn't know when it happened, when Sara joined his Circle. The collection of people in his life who were his base, His community. perhaps it was the day many years ago that he opened the door for her rain soaked body at 2:30 Am or even just yesterday when she brought him to a safe place and even washed his hair.
He fixes her comforter and then begins walking out of the room when he heard a small noise come from behind him. He turned around to see Sara staring at him.

" I was going to tell you to call me but consider it lesson learned." She said in a sleeply drone.
"Thank you." Vincenzo replied quietly.
"you know you weigh a lot more than you look. You weigh like a ton... but it's okay, it's no bother really." She said soft sleepy smile on her face and Vincenzo smiles too because she looks her best this early in the morning and he couldn't believe he'd never seen her like this.

He finds himself lacking in words and began walking out of the room, allowing Sara to continue to rest.
He listens carefully for any noises, when he doesn't hear anything he twists the door knob and walks out of the room. He was about to begin his journey down the stairs when he heard the sound of a phone ringing.

A groggily voice picked up the phone and the sound of the sound of shifting. He could tell from the weight of the foot steps hitting the floor that it was Sara's father. He hurries down the stairs before the man could open the door and walks to the kitchen. He opened the fridge and grabbed a bottled water before he leaves.

He was never this messy, never this impulsive as to take from things that weren't his own but his throat is sizzling in a way that makes him feel as though there's nothing truly entering his throat at all even as he downed the entire water bottle.

His head pounds as he swings the bottle down, he wraps a clothe covered hand around the rim and scrubs off his DNA. he looks for a recycling bin around but he can't find any.
He looks at a lime green bin standing against a tree, filled almost to the brim with trash.

Why wouldn't they separate their trash?
It's not a difficult task, and bins weren't so expensive that you could-

Vincenzo shuddered as a sharp pain made its way through his head.
He was fixating, there was always a part of Vincenzo which wanted to control everything and Everytime he stumbled onto something that challenged him even in the simplest ways, he wanted to stop and fix it, uniform it to match everything else in his mind.

He walks passed the trash can with every bit of strength that he has.
'Trying to organize trash." He said to himself, "I'm trying to organize trash."

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