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I practically jump in the car seat as Vincenzo drives to the nearest roller skating rink. When he parks, I swing the heavy door out of the way and attempt to run into the building. Still, my legs are stiff, and my body is so light that every step feels like I'm being waved in the wind, so I slow down and walk. Still, the happiness bubble inside of me as the bright neon lights become closer and closer.

I felt Vincenzo's arm around my waist, steadying me as we went. It gives me strength as I continue walking. He opens the door for me, and we walk in. the music is blaring on the inside, and a wave of warm air meets us and sends a surge through me." We should get something inside of you first love," he said, leading us to the food court. I didn't want food, and I want wheels, I wanted music that fills me with the exciting waves I experienced as a child.

I let Vincenzo lead me to the food court anyway. I half expected to see his long strands of stubborn baby hair escaping his otherwise neat bun at his nape, but there's no such image, Just a smooth, clean-shaven buzz cut and a small black dot, which was once hidden, is now visible. All the years I'd known him, and I had never seen it before. The thought makes me wonder what kind of other things about Vincenzo was hidden from me, from my fantasy.

He's so much bigger now to me. He's 6'4 with long legs and broad shoulders, but it's almost as if he has doubled in size. "Sara?" Vincenzo questioned. His voice is now reaching my ears, but I could tell he'd been calling me for a while from the concern on his face. "Are you falling asleep?"His question fills me with an awful dread. Something that encircles my gut and squeezes it tight with fear.

"No-" I answer, and then I see myself in bed, my heavy head on his lap, his hand on my face, caressing me. His fingers warm, but his eyes icy cold when he asks, 'are you falling asleep?'

"We don't have to go through with this if you're having second thoughts. It wasn't my greatest idea to bring you here after you just stood up for the first time. But I was truly blinded by joy at your recovery." Vincenzo says, My heart tugs at his words, and I felt the sudden urge to hug him. Surround myself with his scent and be comforted as he comforted me while I laid in my bed. I settled for holding his hand. I entwined our fingers together and then lifted his hands to my face. They were neat and clean, just like the rest of him. He drags me towards a small smoothie king in the corner of the court.

He Orders the smoothie for me, something that I never heard of and insisted on many ingredients that sound like they came from my gym teacher's wet dream. My eyes remain on the skaters on the other side of the place. There's a little girl with two buns on her head spinning in chaotic cycles with an older woman. She seems so happy, so full and contented at that moment. "Sara?" I could hear Vincenzo's voice when I turned towards him. He's holding out a medium-sized smoothie in front of me.

I attempt to lift my hand and immediately panic when I don't see it in my sightline."You're shaking," Vincenzo said, and I could feel it them, the jitters running down my spin. "I'm okay," I said more to myself than to Vincenzo. "Yes, I'm okay," I confirmed, bringing my hand up to my face. "What happened?" He asked, and I shook my head.

"Nothing, is this for me?" I asked, trying to steer away from the fact that my limbs can't be trusted. He hands over the smoothie.

"Thank you," I said, turning away from him, happy that I could feel the plastic bottle's almost stinging chill on my palm.

"Sara, if you're not feeling well, then I advise that we reschedule," Vincenzo says, but I walk away from him. "I don't want to reschedule," I told him calmly and then felt him walk until he was beside me. I felt him place a hand on my forehead and then place a finger on my chin to lift my head towards him. I couldn't look away from him, from those eyes as he inspected me.

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