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Warnings: real world reader / u a dumb bitch <3


"Mr [L/n] are you listening?" You had fallen asleep in class again, you lazily nodded your head, opening you eyes slightly.

You closed and opened your eyes again, blinking rapidly at the scene before you. You must have still been dreaming, because you were currently sat at a desk in Classroom 1-A of My Hero Academia.

When the rapid blinking did not work, you began to pinch yourself, and when that didn't work either, you slammed your head on your desk.

"[L/n]!" Aizawa was mildly pissed at your interruptions to his class, glaring before returning to the board after you mumbled an apology.

"Hey dude, you okay?" You turned to the blinding smile of Kirishima, and you face heated up immensely.

"Ugh- Yeah, I'm fine, Kiri." You mumbled, looking to the boy who had been your fictional crush, only now, he wasn't so fictional.

Class let out shortly after, and you rushed out, hoping to find the nearest toilet to compose your panicking mind.

"Holy shit!" You gasped at the large white wings on your back, the two small black horns at the top of your forehead

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"Holy shit!" You gasped at the large white wings on your back, the two small black horns at the top of your forehead.

"What's wrong?" Kirishima was behind you, startling you and causing you to strike. "Woah, babe! It's just me!"

"I- babe?"

"Jeez, you must have hit your head pretty hard before, you seriously don't remember us dating? I'm kinda hurt." He chuckled, wrapping his arms around you.

You sighed, resting your head against his shoulder, his hand calmingly running along your wings.

"We can go back to the dorms if you're not feeling well?" He asked, and you could only nod against his shoulder. He tiredly pulled you along through the hallways, yourself more focused on trying to tuck your wings as to not hit people.

You quickly grew tired of people shouldering your wings, and grabbed the redhead, pulling him flush against your chest. You used the large hallways to your advantage and flew above the other students. Kiri yelled in suprise, holding onto your arms for dear life.

You managed to find a window that you could fit out of, and landed infront of the dorms.

"You need to give me warning!" He yelled, causing you to laugh at the startled look on his face.

No one was in the dorms, so the pair of you quickly made your way up to Kiri's room, and now you were both cuddled up on his bed.

He was sat in your lap, your arms around his waist and wings cucooning the pair of you. He had brushed out his hair gel before putting the movie on, so you could comfortably rest you head on his.

You were really paying attention to the movie, more so staring at the boy in your lap... your boyfriend.

"Hey, sunshine?"

He hummed in response, turning to you with a smile and a small blush at the nickname. He gasped as your lips hit his, quickly acting to kiss you back, a hand on your cheek.

"I love you, my baby shark." You smiled, kissing him again.

"I love you too." His face was ecstatic, smiles so bright it could cause a man to go blind.

He jumped on you, pushing you against the wall as he placed kisses all over your face.

You couldn't help but laugh at the ticklish feeling, loving the affection, especially from him.

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