Deadly | Eijiro Kirishima

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Genre: 🖤

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Other: Quirkless AU, Apocalypse AU


Quiet. The sound of nothingness. Peace.

Music to your paranoid ears in a world where the undead walk from their graves and feast upon anything that lives.

So when steady footsteps echoed outside your corner shop hideout, you were on high alert.

From your place in the small apartment you could hear the muffled voices of at least two strangers, they were moving around in the mini grocer downstairs.

With quiet steps, you padded down the wooden staircase, peering into the small store from behind the door.

These were people, not zombies.

The guy you saw, plundering the medical isle near the cashier was blonde and angry looking. He was wearing a dirty grey jumper, with a used-to-be white shirt underneath for extra warmth. Dirt caked jeans with large holes in the knees and work boots. A sleek silver handgun was stuffed into the back of his jeans, he also had a baseball bat with a nailed head rested up against the rack he was looking at.

He was stuffing a lot of tramadol into his bag. Someone in their group must be hurt something nasty.

"Hey Bakugou, you done? I've got what we can from the front." A man with black and red hair called out, his once died hair had a fair amount of black now in the roots, it's length having been tied into a bun at the back of his head. His bright red eyes had a small scar above one of them, his smile raiser sharp.

"There's an apartment upstairs, we could do with a hideout." The angry blonde said in a surprisingly calm tone. I panicked realising they were coming forwards, grabbing the semi-automatic machine gun I used for intruders.

I waited till they came this side of the counter, shoving the door open with my gun locked and loaded.

"Don't even think about it." The snarl left my lips, my [E/c] eyes sharp and a glare directed at them.

The red head seemed surprised, whilst the shock of my appearance seemed to piss the blonde off, his grip tightening around his bat.

"W-woah! There's no need for that, we didn't know you were here!" The red head lifted his arms up in defence, looking a little scared.

"Piss off back to your group. You're not coming upstairs." I growled again, my aim at them never faltering.

"We can't, jackass!" The blonde shouted back, raising his bat at me.

The red head was quick to react, holding a hand on the bat to lower it a bit.

"W-what he means is, there's a herd outside, we got separated from our group." The red head was clearly nervous about the gun I had, his face hinting with fear.

I sighed lowering the gun a bit, still guarding the entrance to the stairs.

"What do you want me to do about it?"

"You could let us stay." The blonde glared, his sarcasm poisonous. I glared back.

"Yeah, I could."  I answer, the same amount of sarcasm lacing my words.  "But who's to say I can trust you?"

"Please?" The red head jumped in before his friend could say anything. "Sending us out there is a death sentence."

I look past the puppy faced boy, to the street where a herd was indeed heading our way. I sighed, wavering my options, before stepping aside.

"Go on, up."

They both walked through the door, myself staying in the shop, closing it behind them.

"Wait, where are you-"

"Go." I cut the red head off. "I'll be up in a minute."

And with that said I shut the door, beginning to barricade it.

Sneaking out back to climb up the fire escape.


Kiri's POV

We had been living with [Y/n] nearly a week and a half. The herd was slowly starting to move out of the area, but the streets were still dense with the undead.

The handsome man, although having been rather hostile at first, was actually really nice.

I can't help but admit I have a little crush on him. His soft [H/c] locks, even though they're long and are in need of washing, they still frame his face perfectly, bringing out his [E/c] eyes. His sunburnt skin harbouring a few freckles here and there.

Him and Bakugou had actually managed to get along, their sarcastic outputs of the world having brought a few laughs between the two.

It was just after sundown, we were all setting up beds.

"It's my night on the couch!" Bakugou announced, setting up a blanket and cover. I sighed, my cheeks dusting a pink colour as this meant I'd be sharing a bed with [Y/n]. The small open plan apartment had one small double bed and a couch, the floor was too hard to sleep on.

Within minutes of laying down, bakugou was asleep. It was always a surprise how he could do that.

"C'mon we better get some shut eye too." [Y/n] said, sliding into the bed, which had two more blankets on than necessary. I slipped in beside him, our backs brushing against each other.

"Hey, Ei?"

I hummed in response.

"Turn around."

I did as asked, seeing his outline in the moonlight, he was lead on his back, eyes closed. An arm wrapped around my waist in the darkness, pushing me closer to him, my head now having no choice but to rest on his chest.

I didn't ask any questions, I didn't need to. I just snuggled into his side, basking in his warmth.

His eyes closes and his breathing steadied, I knew he was asleep.

Looking up at his gorgeous face outlined in the moonlight, placing a soft kiss on the side of his cheek. Staring lovingly at his peaceful face.

All the things I wanted but couldn't have.

I wanted him, but I couldn't have him.

It would just hurt more when I lose him.

I can't put him through that.

I could never go through that.

"I love you... [Y/n]..."


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