Boyfriend | Tenya Iida

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Genre: ❤

Warnings: cringe


The weekend had finally arrived, and after a long week of studying and fitness exercises, Iida was exhausted. So much so that he didn't bother packing his bags and heading home for the weekend like he usually did.

When he got into his dorm that Friday evening, he was suprised to see someone sat in his desk chair, reading one of his books.

You looked up with a smile, the blue haired man lazily sending one back. He trudged his way over to his bed, flopping down onto and turning to face you.

"Long day?" Your voice reaches his ears, making him hum in agreement.

"Long week." He groans out, voice half muffled by his pillows.

"Do you want to cuddle and have a nap?" You ask, setting the book down as your [E/c] eyes scanning the boy already on the brink of sleep. Faintly you see him nodding his head, moving slightly so you can squeeze on the single bed.

You slowly moved over to him, sliding yourself in behind him, draping an arm over his waist as the other cushions your head.

His hand slides across your own and interlacing your fingers.

You move closer, resting your forehead on his shoulder, listening to him sigh in contentment.

"Mmm... you're warm." You purr into his ear, cuddling into him more.

"Love you." His voice murmurs, squeezing you hand as he speaks.

"Love you too." You whisper into his shoulder, smiling, completely content with where you are.

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It's harder to write for the one I don't simp for

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