[A/N] - Updates

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Hello there!

I know I haven't updated in awhile, just all this uni prep has been kicking my ass.

Anyways I figured if I gave you guy the opportunity to vote on which parts you wanted next, it would be more fun and I'd get more motivation doing it

Anyways, here's what we have left!

Midoriya 💙 soul mates au / villian reader

Momo ❤️ robot reader

Mina ❤️ hero reader

Villian Midoriya 💙 hero reader

Hawks 💛 vigilante reader

Aizawa 💚

Kirishima 💙 zombie apocalypse au

Aizawa/toshinori/nemuri ❤️ Pro hero reader

Mates PT.2 [Bakugou]

Forbidden PT.2 [Dabi]

Let the voting commence!

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