Mornings | Tomura Shigaraki

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Warnings: probably gonna spell his name wrong again

Genre: ❤️💚


Tomura hadn't been with his boyfriend, [Y/n] [L/n], for long. It had been a month and a half since they started dating, two months since Toga introduced the team to her adoptive brother. At first the boy annoyed Shigaraki a lot, being quite similar to his sister, his immature humour getting on the bosses nerves. But they had bonded more one night when the pair had gotten drunk, and the handy man found out the younger male was a smooth talker, and really good at it.

He had tried a lot of new things since dating the younger man, cuddling was something he used to be skeptical of, now he loved it. Shared beds was something he didn't think he'd ever do, yet here he was, running a gloved hand over the bare back of the man next to him.

A smile was brought to the blue haired man's face as his lover turned, eyes opening to face him.

"Hey there beautiful."

His compliments always got a reaction out of the gang leader, his soft side only coming out for his [Y/n]. A blush dusted his face as he moved closer to the man, tutting at the smug smirk he recieved.

Tomura felt a tug on his hands, and looked up, feeling the binds but being unable to see them. They suddenly glowed a [F/c] colour, and he looked to his love's eyes, seeing the same glow.

A hand made it's way to his morning stiff, cupping it as it grew harder. Tomura only moaned out, bringing his hips up to grind against the hand. Lips found his own, as he continued to moan, his mouth opening more with every noise. The tongue that entered his mouth explored greedily, the hand now jerking off the blue haired man.

"Fuck! [Y/n]!" Shigaraki pulled against the restraints, arching into the hand as it picked up the pace, jerking faster as the red faced male got closer to his release.

"Cum for me, baby."  [Y/n] purred in his ear, grinning as the man moaned out his name again, his hand being sprayed as the man arched below him. "Such a good boy."

The restraints broke off from his wrists, the blue haired male leaning back up, wrapping arms around his lover's shoulders. A deep, passionate kiss was instigated. Shiggy rolling the pair of them over so that he was now on top. He pulled away, smiling as the man followed his lips, eager for another kiss.

"Get up, get ready. We have work to do." The blue haired male got up with a smirk, going over to his wardrobe and pulling on some clothes. He watched the man in the mirror, sitting up on his elbows with a tired sigh.

"Yes, boss." He ran a hand quickly through his [H/c] hair, watching as his love came back over to the bed, now fully dressed, hair somewhat brushed.

"Tease me out there and I will destroy you, [N/n]." A kiss was placed on said male's forehead, before Shigaraki grabbed the abundance of hands that completed his look.

"Destroy me? Is that a good or bad thing?" The cheeky smirk of the younger man caused the gang leader to playfully roll his eyes.

"You don't wanna know." He smiled as he placed father on his face, leaving the room with his smiling idiot still in bed. He looked to the man he loved one last time, shaking his head at the male as he walked out.

"I think I do."

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