Forbidden | Touya Todoroki [1/2]

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Requested by: SkuttlesTheCat

Genre: 🖤❤️

Warnings: angry boys / soulmates / depression and sad themes / covid quirk / low-key yandere

Other: I'm going to slightly change the quirk, just so the drawback isn't as fatal to the reader, to give them a fighting chance


He ran, twisting, turning through alleyways, a villian hot on his tail. These guys they had been fighting with his partner, they had been prepared for the duo, knowing to single him off.

A dead-end appeared up ahead, and [Y/n] panicked.

"Please... if I use my quirk on you anymore, you'll die!" He yelled to the masked villian chasing him. His own gas mask muffling his voice a little. The villian was coughing, wheezing as he caught up to the pro-hero, he was week enough that [Pro-Name] could take him out... but weilding those large swords as arm, and his erratic, self sacrificing behaviour, meant that [Y/n] was cautious of doing so.

He knew his quirk was acting fast, his ability to disease his enemies with a nasty virus that affected their lungs meant that he was one of the top heroes for easily incapacitating villian. All it took was being in his vicinity, a 6 meter radius and you had around 15 minutes before you were unable to breath on your own.

This villian was hitting close to that mark, so as [L/n] clutched one of the vaccination syringes he kept on his belt, to reverse the affects once the villian was in custody, he was unsure what to do. If he waited any longer this guy could die, but if he gave him the cure now, then he was as good as dead, knowing he wouldn't be able to face those swords without his partner.

"Ah fuck it!" He yelled, stepping forward and catching the armed male as he collapsed, stabbing him in the arm and injecting the serum.

He knew the cure was fast acting, so he had seconds to try and handcuff his suspect. Although he only managed to handcuff one arm before the swords slashed in his direction. A nasty gash was open across his chest, his costume ripped in the front.

He grunted as he fell onto his knees, the villian ready to strike again.

Although the blow never came, instead the young hero was met with a wall of heat as the villian was engulfed in flames.

[Y/n] could only watch in terror as the guy screamed, retching his body in a dangerous fashion as his skin corroded from his body.

As the body faded to ash, the flames died down, revealing a patchwork figure of a handsome young man.

The dark haired man stepped forward, his heavy boots clanging against the floor. A hand was held out in front of the hero's face, he couldn't help but notice the staples that painfully pulled at his skin. [Y/n] looked up, meeting his cerulean blue eyes, his own [E/c] gaze skeptical.

The villian pulled the hero up, watching as he dusted himself off.

"Erm... thanks...?"

"Dabi." The ravenette chuckled, watching the faces the boy made.

"You're a villian."

"Yes." His smile seemed prideful, though his eyes portrayed a challenge. "You gonna arrest me, hero?"

"No." The masked man spoke quickly, looking over the slightly taller male. "You saved me, villian or not."

"I did what you couldn't." He snapped back.

"What I shouldn't... I could have... but I wouldn't be able to call myself a hero if I did." He smiled under his mask, tilting his head at the other male. "I'm [Y/n]."

"[Y/n], huh?" The half smile that lit up the villians didn't go unnoticed. "A hero that actually cares, I'll see you around."


Months had gone by since the encounter, [Y/n] had contemplated the meeting a lot, especially what the villian had said about caring. He since went underground, figuring the best way to help others was out of the spotlight. Though it meant that he had to ditch his partner, who wanted to stay in the limelight of it all.

Though it hadn't been too bad up until now.

He was surrounded at some sort of warehouse, three against one, and he didn't want to kill anyone by using his quirk anymore. He had trained himself up so that his quirk could be used more, to weaken the target without actually killing them.

Though had already reached that limit, and was running out of options.

Until an all too familiar blue inferno lit up the three guys.

The hero sighed in relief, smiling like a madman as the trench coat cladded man strode through the flames.

"Think you dropped this." The ravenette smirked, holding out the hero's gas mask in his hand. The [H/c] haired boy took the mask, still smiling like an idiot. "You've made some changes."

"I took your advice."

"I didn't give any."

"It was implied."

Dabi couldn't help but smile at the hero, something about the guy had drawn him in since day one, he had been thinking of the other since that day, and he was quite thrilled to find out that he also had a lasting impact.

"You're going to get yourself killed working alone." Dabi watched as the boy looked at him, almost offended.

"It's worth it for the work I'm doing." The hero chuckled, looking down to his scarred up hands, how many almost deaths he had endured since going solo.

"Need a partner? Someone who will actually finish the job?" Dabi looks away as he speaks, secretly just wanting to be closer to the male.

"You're a villian... and I'm purposefully trying not to kill people!" The hero yelled, easily offended yet again. Dabi couldn't help but smirk at his firey nature.

"Okay then, someone to watch your back." He smiled, his eyes trailing up and down the other's body, loving the way his hero costume, now a darker colour, fit his figure. "I don't like those glory hog heroes... but I'll help you cause you're not like that."

[Y/n] smiled, meeting eyes with the dark haired villian.

"Yeah, I'd like that."

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