Bittersweet | Katsuki Bakugou

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Warnings: soft seme / cringe


Everyone knew about Bakugou and his third year boyfriend. The pair had started dating when he graduated into the second year.

Everyone around school knew who [Y/n] [L/n] was, he was incredibly nice and his quirk's physical characteristics set him apart from the rest. Two large horns on his head, his dark grey skin and long tail. Not to mention his pointed ears and eyes, which were [E/c] with a black sclera instead of white.

The pair avoided eachother all day, not being in the same clicks, or classes. So when the day ended Bakugou was quick to head over to the third year dorms. His cheeks would always flare at the teasing comments he got when walking through the common room, keeping his head down as he marched his way to his boyfriend's dorm.

He stormed through the unlocked door, catching his boyfriend shirtless, fresh from a shower. The demonic teen couldn't help but notice the way the blonde's fists were clenched and shaking.

"You know I wouldn't be mad if you yelled at them right? They've been getting on my nerves too, recently." The [H/c] haired male chuckled, walking over and wrapping his arms around the significantly shorter blonde. He buried his face in the soft spikes, sighing contently as he breathed in the boy's caramel scent.

"Shut up and cuddle me, dickhead." He grumbled into the grey toned chest, hands at the taller male's waist.

"Haha okay bossy pants." The tall demon boy laughed, pulling the shorter to the bed, chucking himself on and looking to the red eyed boy.

He huffs, crawling into the older boy's arms.

After a few minutes, [Y/n] felt a soft tug on his tail, looking down to find the blonde having grabbed it and was playing with the fluffy tip.

"You okay?" He asked, cuddling into the smaller boy's neck, not liking how the blonde was being uncharacteristically quiet.

He turned a little, before turning back, a hum in his throat as he was about to stay something.


"I love you... you know that, right?" He mumbled out, letting go of the tail and grabbing the strong grey arms wrapped around his waist.

"Of course I do, and I love you too." The demon smiled, kissing the back of the blonde's head. "What's brought this on?"

"Just people talking, I guess." He mumbled, feeling a little defeated. He was met with an onslaught of kisses, to his cheek, neck and forehead. He couldn't help but giggle, loving the small bouts of affections.

"Don't listen to them, dumbass! They don't know us like we know us." [Y/n] sighed, looking to the blonde lovingly. "Besides, Kat, the only person whose opinion is important is mine, the rest you can blow up."

"Shut up you dunce!" He laughed, turning around in the hold and smiling at the older boy. He leaned forwards, placing a soft kiss on his boyfriend's lips. "Your opinions are just as stupid."

"Yeah but you loveeee me." He teases, nuzzling his cheek against the blonde's.

"Unfortunately, I do."

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