Heat | Eijrou Kirishima [1/2]

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Genre: 💚

Warnings: Sexual themes

Other: Reader has an Ice Dragon quirk, meaning they have visible wings, tail, claws, teeth and large horns.


"Dude! I don't know why you're so upset! If you wanted to come, then just say!"

"That's not it!"

"Then what!?"

"God damnit Kiri! I love you... i- can't you see that? Though you prefer him, and it kills me everyti-"

Two strong arms wrap around my neck, the red haired idiot tearing up as he hugs me.

"[M/N], I don't prefer anyone. I've loved you for so long, i- I'm sorry I caused you so much pain."

I wrap my arms around his waist, not wanting to ever let go, the both us a teary mess in my dorm room.

"It's okay, cause now I've got you, and I'm never letting go."


I smile thinking about the messy ordeal that got me my adorable boyfriend.

My face scrunches as a low growl escapes my lips, the hot feeling not leaving my body. My claws sharpen unconsciously, feeling another wave of my rut coming on. I had been bed ridden all morning, it was now nearing three and I was rather nervous for seeing Kiri.

My large [F/c] wings wrap around me in a cocoon, blocking my pathetic pants and animalistic noises from view.

I didn't want Kiri here because I know that I won't be able to keep myself off him. We've been dating awhile and I don't want to force him into something he's not ready for, especially if that something was a stupid rut.

I must have been mumbling in self pity for longer than I thought, because I felt a hand run over my wing, causing a shiver to run through me.

"Hey babe, you doing okay? You missed hero training today."

His cheerful voice rang in my ears and the heatwave of my rut intensified. His naturally sweet scent worsening my lustful nature.

"Kiri, please leave." I growled out, trying to not seem like I was mad with him. It was taking everything in my power not to take him right here on the bed.

"But, babe? I don't-" I can no longer concentrate on what he says as he sits next to me on the bed, just knowing how close he is sends me over the edge.

"I said leave!" In one swift motion he was underneath me, my clawed hand pinning both of his above his head, my other by his waist. I was straddling his waist, my wings now open on my back, blocking out his view to the rest of the room.

He gasped, trying to move his now bleeding hands, a scared look in his eyes. My angry snarling face softens, my grip on his wrists loosening as my claws retract. I let my hair fall into my [E/c] eyes, desperately fighting to control myself as my body shakes a bit.


"I don't want to hurt you... please... just..."

I sighed in relief as he freed his hands and sat up, glad that he had taken the hint to leave. Only to be utterly surprised when he kisses me. He pulls away, leaving his hand on my cheek.

"Let me help you, you won't hurt me, I know you won't." He smiles looking at with his ruby red eyes, full of love and trust. My own reflecting uncertainty. He's too pure for me.

My tail taps once against his leg, twice. The decision laying heavy on my mind.

"Are you sure you're okay with this?" My concern clear, I don't to be pressuring him into anything. His face flushed a bright red, bringing his legs more onto the bed and sitting cross legged.

"I- erm- I don't think I'm ready for going a-all the way, but y-you only need a q-quick release r-right?" His stutters and babbling make me smile, he's so cute.

I continue to stare at the beautiful specimen before me, wanting to take in his innocence, however fate is cruel and a low groan leaves my throat as my rut once again peaks.

He pushes me back on the bed, nervously straddling my legs. I lean up resting on my elbows, giving him a long and reassuring kiss.

He leans closer, deepening the kiss until we end up having a full blown make out session. One of my hands makes it's way to his hair, tugging and playing with it, his hands pulling at the hem of my sweatpants.

He breaks away from the kiss, looking down at the material of my boxers, being the only thing blocking the view of my notably hardened member.

"You have RedRiot boxers?" He smiles, laughing a little.

"Well... I'm a big fan." I smirk, loving the blush that adorns his face. He looks back down, pulling down the boxers and blushing as red as his hair. I groan again as another heatwave come over me, the pain from such an arousal being almost agonising as I scrunch my eyes shut in an attempt to block it out.

A cold, wet sensation drags along my painfully erect member. My eyes snapping open at the shock, to see Kiri leaning down looking up at me for a reaction. The shudder of pleasure egging him to continue.

"J-just watch your teeth.." I mutter looking away embarrassed. I must seem so pathetic right now.

He nods, taking my member in his mouth. Swirling his tongue around me and sucking. Hearing my soft groans of pleasure, he starts to get more confident in his actions, bobbing his head and taking more of me in his mouth.

My hand finds its way into his hair, gripping and pulling at it. He moans at my actions, sending vibrations down my dick as he begins to deep throat it.

"G-god dammit Kiri~!" I moan in pleasure, pushing slightly on the back of his head out of instinct. He gags a bit but continues nonetheless, bouncing his head faster, encouraging my hips to move with him. I continued to groan, the room becoming rather loud with Kiri's moans as well.

I continued to buck my hips, basically face fucking him at this point. Looking down, seeing him to be enjoying this, maybe even more than I was.

"Baby, I'm close!" I groan out, he makes eye contact with me, nodding as much as he can. Getting the hint, I continue.

Bucking my hips more aggressively, his gags adding to the pleasure, driving me closer to my climax. Earning a growl of satisfaction as I release my load into his mouth.

"Y-your surprisingly good a-at that~" I breathlessly laugh, throwing my head back as I pant. I feel the bed shift, looking at him as he sits up, face beat red, cum dripping from his lips. He holds my gaze as he licks his lips, swallowing my load.

"D-damn love~"

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