Care For You | Shota Aizawa

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Warnings: it's idk I lost my train of thought while writing this


"Fuck-! Ah! [Y/n]!" Shota damn near screamed as he came, coating himself in his own cum. You bottomed out one last time, realising your own load deep inside him.

For a moment you both just rested, trying to catch your breaths from the past few hours of excitement, having gone seven rounds without a break. You turned slightly, watching as his chest was rapidly rising and falling, a small smile making your face. "Are you okay Sugar?"

"Hmmm... sore.." He mumbled out, closing his eyes as he sighed. You got up, leaving the room to fill the bathtub for the two of you. After it was half full, you cut off the water, setting up the shampoos and sponges before walking back into the bedroom.

"C'mon hotstuff, let's get you cleaned up." He groaned as you lifted him, smiling as his hands gripped onto your shoulders, cursing you for moving him in his tired state. You made it to the bathroom, setting him down in the warm water, smiling as he moaned, settling himself into the water.

You edged yourself in behind him, letting him relax into your chest as you proceed to wash his chest and arms.

"[Y/n].... I'm tired..." Shota lolled his head onto your shoulder, making eye contact with you as you smiled at him.

"I know, hun, just gotta clean you up and then you can go to bed. I'll even make you breakfast in bed tomorrow." You hummed, your smile widening as he nuzzled into your neck. You finished cleaning his front, awkwardly lifting his head as he groaned. "C'mon baby, just turn over so I can clean you up."

He groaned louder as he turned over, emphasising his disapproval as he did. You tried not to grin at his dramatics, getting to work on cleaning him, you pushed a finger past his entrance, getting to work on cleaning out all your cum. He hissed out at your pace, smacking you upside the head. You froze, before adjusting your pace and continuing on.

You quickly cleaned yourself up, getting out of the bath, leaving him to rest in the water for a little bit. You got yourself dressed, stripping the bed and chucking all the dirty laundry out, making the bed again and getting out some clothes for your lover, which consisted of his Hello kitty fluffy pants and one of your hoodies.

By the time you had got back to the bathroom, he had washed out his hair, and was now drying himself off, a toothbrush in his mouth. You smiled to the gorgeous man before you. "I got you some clothes out, love, I'll get you a hot water bottle as well."

Aizawa didn't smile with his mouth, but his eyes held the sentiment that didn't reach his face. He followed his lover into the bedroom, getting dressed as you went to get the promised goods. He brushed out his hair as he got comfy on the bed, setting up the TV for a movie.

You came back in, holding the bottle, and a bowl of popcorn, knowing he would probably watch a movie instead of sleeping. You yawned, making your way over to the bed, handing him the bottle and setting down the food in between the two of you. As soon as your head hit the pillow, you moaned in comfort, earning a look from the man in front of you.

"Are you really not gonna sleep after all the dramatics?"

"You were the one who got me food." He answered, having pulled the bottle into his lap. With his back turned you got a full view of his wet mane, grabbing a couple of bands from the nightstand and sitting up behind him. You began braiding his hair, knowing it would be curly by the morning, and that Shota looked absolutely amazing with wavy hair. "If tomorrow morning I look like I got a perm, I'm beating your ass."

You laughed at that, knowing he was deadly serious as you continued on, tying off each braid. "I count on it, don't worry."

He leaned back into your chest, and you leaned into the pillows, kissing the top of his head as you both watched the film.

It would always be like this, you would fall asleep first, and he would watch movies until he eventually passed out, waking up late in the day only for his love to make him breakfast. As you started to snore, Shota let a soft smile play at his lips, craning his head back to place a soft kiss to the curve of your jaw.

"I love you, you adorable idiot."

authors note: next one is Hawks :)

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