True Love | Izuku Midoriya [1/2]

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Requested by: AidenGTB

Genre: 💙

Warnings: I don't write a lot of deku so may be bad

Other: Soul mate AU (red string of fate and temperature), the reader also has an Audiokinisis quirk


He's so cute. The way his face lights up when he's talking about something he's passionate about, or even the rose colour that compliments his freckles when he's embarrassed.

"[Y/n]? Hey bro!" Kyoka yelled at me, snapping me out of my daze.

"Huh? Sorry Kyo." She huffs, turning back to her food and evidently not repeating herself out of stubbornness. I laugh at her behaviour, wrapping an arm around her shoulder and pulling her into a side hug. "Aww c'mon Yoko, y'know you love me~"

"You were staring at Midoriya again, huh?" She sighs, glancing in my direction, only to see my face fall.

"That obvious?" I forced a laugh, feeling any previous confidence fading away.

"No, I just know you." She pat my [H/c] hair as she stood up, cleaning up her food tray. "Now get to class, ya loser!"

I laughed more meaningfully this time, picking up my skateboard and skating out of the cafeteria, saluting Kyoka on the way out.

I don't miss the warm buzz I feel as I pass Izuku, or the stunned look that he meets my face with in the short moment.


The end of the day is finally here as I skate through the halls of kids collecting things from their lockers, my mind set on meeting Kyoka at the school gates.

The stone cold look on my face makes kids jump out of the way, some out of fear, some out of respect.

"[Y/n]-senpai is so hot!"

I wink to a group of girls who were gushing over me. The girls squeal in delight with red faces.

I glance back forwards, turning the corner I ram straight into someone.

My eyes close as I brace for impact with the floor, but the warm sensation all over my body tells me who I just bumped into.

"A-ah, I'm s-sorry I-"


He froze, despite the warmth, and eyed me up. He seemed to be shocked, quite wary.

"[Y/n]!" He continues the shocked act, scrambling at his books and his bag. "I was er-"

"Stop." He looks dead at me and does as commanded, the both of us still on the floor. "Stop it. And tell me why you're really here on the second years floor."

He cheeks flushed a bit red as his lie got exposed, he almost pouted as he answered.

"I- erm... I was l-looking for you." He hangs his head, clutching his books close. "I-its obvious that we're s-soulmates, you feel it too!"

I cock an eyebrow and get up off the floor.

"I know that, I knew it then, I still do now." I almost sneer as I look down at him, his smaller self flinching when he realises what I meant by 'then'.

I sigh and hold out my hand to him. He takes it and I pull him up.

He doesn't let go.

"I-I didn't give you a chance b-back then. B-but could you give me one now?" He holds my hand in both of his small ones, his gorgeous eyes pleading with me.

I attempt to harden my stare, wanting to not give in, not let myself get hurt again. But I can't deny the feelings that remained for his dimpled cheeks, or freckled skin.

I was undoubtedly in love with Izuku Midoriya.

" I can't..."

Short and needed to be updated

I want to get a momentum going with updates

So be warned ;P

Edited cause I forgot it was angst

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