[A/N] - End

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So as a majority of you know, this book has finished!



And as I cannot remember the date I officially closed it, I will be combing through the works I have and doing any and all requested second parts!

There will be no more after this part though. And the oneshots above, drafts and published are final.

Though you can find my other works, related to bnha listed below!

It has been a pleasure working with you to create these little scenarios, I've loved every minute of it and even though this book is ending I'm thankful that I did it. Thank you guys for making this so enjoyable!

Your support and feedback has meant so much to me and I'm just so thankful to you guys for making me into the writer I am today!

Other BNHA works by Skulby:

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Scandal [Denki Kaminari] - coming soon

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