What Makes A Man | Hitoshi Shinsou

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Genre: 💛

Warnings: Sexual themes, transphobic comments

Other: Reader is FtM


The U.A Sports Festival.

An international marvel for people with not enough drama in their own lives that they must watch kids beat the shit out of each other to feel satisfied.


As the screen pans over the crowds of students I look for one purple haired boy in particular.

Spotting the mop of unruly locks I sit forwards in my seat, eager to watch for the lovely boy I call my own.

"Sit back will ya! I can't see with your fat arse in the way!" Grumbled the cracking voice of crusty fingers himself.

"Shut the fuck up daddy issues, maybe if you took that Damn thing off your face you'd see my ass isn't the problem!" I yell back as I turned to him, turning back to the screen I cuss under my breath, having lost sight of Shinsou.

"Why are you even here anyway!?"

"Cause I broke my tv in last week's mishap!" I roll my eyes, having told that story too many times.

"You mean your 'man' period." He snickers, emphasising the word man which royally ticked me off.

"My dick was misplaced at birth, what's your excuse?"

He glared at me and then diverted his attention back to the screen, not giving me an answer. I huffed and walked out, not wanting to deal with this shit.



The sweet voice of my boyfriend sounded as he walked into his bedroom. Which I may or may not have broken into.

"What're you doing here?"

"I missed the festival, I wanted to see you." I say bluntly, walking over and wrapping him in a hug. Truth be told that wasn't the only reason I was here, my pride and faith in my masculinity had been knocked, I was here because my darling boyfriend was always able to make me feel like myself again.

"You okay? Has someone said something?" Hitoshi asks, instantly catching onto my bluntness. I sigh with a small smile, kissing his cheek lightly. I continued to ignore his question, trailing kisses along his jawline and down his neck. He places his palm over my face and pushes me away from him.

"[Y/n]." He gives me a stern look, telling me without words that I'm not getting out of this one. I sigh, rubbing a hand through my [H/c] hair.

"Yeah, about last week. It was just Shigaraki so I shouldn't care, but yeah." I say, deflating slightly at the confession. I felt as though my masculinity had been taken from me with those comments, though it wasn't the worst that had been said it just hit me hard on a bad day.

In my moment of thought I hadn't noticed Hitoshi walking closer to me, nor the smirk on his face. His hand swiftly grabbed my packer from over my jeans, snapping me out of my thoughts and eliciting a slight gasp from me as I look down to the shorter boy, shocked.

He kept a firm grip there, his other hand snaking up behind my neck and pushing my head down so my lips were barely touching his.

"Well your packing and I'm in the mood, so what say we prove how much of a man you are~"

I feel his breath fanning over my face, his eyes shinning with lust. I smirk, leaning closer to him, my lips just millimetres away from touching his, occasionally brushing against them.

"Sounds fucking amazing~"

I capture his lips with my own, my hands snaking down to his waist as his rest around my shoulders, deepening the kiss as our tongues clash in the full blown make out session.

My hands latch onto his ass, giving it a rough squeeze which he takes as an indication to jump and wrap his legs around my waist.

I smirk into the kiss, carrying him over to the bed, laying him down on his back and continuing our intense make out session as I begin to unbutton his shirt. My own shirt was being pulled over my head, my hands almost moving to stop him in remembrance of my scars, however I discard it. He's seen me shirtless enough times, I shouldn't care.

He kissed down my jawline and over my neck as I fiddled with his belt. His fingers tugging at the ends of my hair. With a rough tug I manage to undo his belt, slipping his pants down his thighs as he kicks them off the rest of the way.

I sit up, yanking at my own jeans down to my knees as he removes his boxers. I stop at the hem of my own, seeing him looking at me in lustful anticipation.

"You know the rules." I say with a sigh, watching his eyes roll in a playful way and a smirk appearing on his face.

"We've done this enough time, you know I won't judge~" He flirts, sitting up a bit, grabbing the hem of my boxers and snapping the plastic against my hips.

"Don't care." I grunt at the contact, pushing his hand away. "You can look when I get a real one."

He giggles playfully, turning around so that he's on his hands and knees. "Can't wait~"

I smile at his playfulness, taking off my boxers and lubing up my packer. Positiong myself at his entrance, leaning over and kissing down his spine. "Ready~?"


And with that I slam myself into him. His moans of pain and pleasure filling my ears as I begin to thrust back and forth. Gripping at his hips I continue to go faster with each thrust of my hips, groaning as the friction of contact rubs me up the right way.

(Just shush, I think fucking with a packer is very one-sided)

"[N/n], I'm g-gonna..." He moans out, about to reach his high.

"Go for it, baby~" I say with a groan, getting to my high aswell. He shudders from beneath me and I can tell he's reached his limit, a few more thrusts and I had too.

Pulling out and pulling up my boxers, I lay beside my exhausted boyfriend, him led on his stomach and myself on my back.

"I love you, you nerd." I smile, reaching and running a hand through his purple locks, sliding my hand down to his waist and pulling him close to me.

He cuddles closer to me, resting his head on my other arm. His hand lightly tracing the scars on my chest.

"I love you too, my handsome boy."



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